7 thoughts on “Sholten Singer”

  1. The composition of the top photograph; specifically the woman and her(?) infant strikes me as an elegant riff on an ‘updated’ madonna and child; from the messy sprawl of papers on the floor to the sippy cup in the woman’s hand- this has me thinking of the 21st-century Madonna and child. Even the fact of the two figures seated mostly outside of the focal point of the light is a comment to me on how society’s focus has shifted from religion to the secular world.

  2. I like these prints a lot for their composition and subject. I love the first prints perspective. You can almost feel the stress and anxiety in this print. The clutter in the foreground to the woman with baby was a good choice. I like how you get the sense of being stuck within the frame of both these prints, a feeling that is only enhanced by the subject matter of the scene. I really like the second print for how the composition mimics that of the woman within the print. Love both of these prints.

  3. I think the first photo was very well done. The low perspective adds to the sense of clutter and anxiety and the vignette makes the scene seem to close in which adds further to the sense of anxiety.

  4. I really enjoy the first photo. It portrays something beyond just the photo. The viewer can put themselves in her shoes and recognize how she must feel. That is not easy to do in photos. I also think the lightning in both photos are done well. You are able to see the composition and subject well while keeping a sort of dark background. Very well done!

  5. The first photo sort of reminds me of an old days album cover. When I look at the photos a lot of emotions run through me. I love the lighting in the photo. Great work!

  6. I love the lighting in each picture. It pushes and pulls away from the subject giving each photograph depth and feeling. In the first picture, the papers are so chaotic, but there is something so calming about the mother’s face. There is definitely a story built in each picture.

  7. The composition and the subject of the top print are wonderful. You really capture the struggle, courage, and work ethic of mothers who work or are in school. I think this image is valuable in the world. The coloring and lighting also work very well to communicate a bit of emotion and drama but not in a cliche or over the top way.

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