10 thoughts on “Karie Kuiper”

  1. i really like the concept behind these pictures, and the lighting makes them seem very sterile and scientific, i would only say that the connection with the dollar bills seems stronger than that of the spare change.

  2. Your concept is very well carried out in these images. The color and lighting co contribute very well to the sterile, scientific feeling. The play between textures (produce, gloves, table) is successful. One suggestion would be to try to find a surface that is not scratched up, as it is a little distracting and shakes the ‘sterile’ feeling a little bit.

    Also, I personally think that the connection of the change with the pea pods is equally as strong– if not stronger for me personally. That was the one that caught my eye and made me want to look at your images more closely.

  3. I also find the change image the most effective. I really enjoy the intention that these images are carried out with. Each image shares a precise quality that assures the viewer that what is going on has purpose. I also really enjoy the relationship between the dirty corrupted money and the tender flesh of the fruits and vegetables. It has a very visceral quality. I do think the images could be a bit more blown out to really amp up the sterile quality of the work.

  4. I really enjoy the color contrast between the fruits against the steel table. The colors are definitely bringing out the beauty in the imagery and what is trying to be said. Switching up the cash also into coins gets rid of the repetition that could of happened in your photos but you have seemed to avoid that. The size of your photos also is a lot more interesting than the standard size most prints are, they could of maybe been blown up a little bit more but the size is unique and still a good choice. Keep up the good work!

  5. This is a very intriguing concept. The colors and lighting the photographs is brilliant and the focus is so clear and evident. I agree with the above comment that the dollar bills are more effective than the coins.

  6. It seems you are making a strong statement with both your title and the work, and I believe they have been successfully projected. The idea of corruption is clearly projected through inserting money (artificial subject) into fruits (natural subject) by touch of a human. I believe the white glove is accentuating the artificial quality of the process (process of insertion). In that sense, inserting battery in the first picture is very strong.
    Yet, I am somewhat confused, because I am unsure what you mean by “corruption”.
    Are you talking about political corruption? Nature and human interaction and its negative result? Aesthetic corruption such as the unnecessary mutation of nature, human being a part of it, that is controlled by a stronger force?

    I find your relationship between the foreground and the background exceptionally effective (considering the steal-like table as a background). It feel as the process is not over yet, and there will be more victims.

  7. I am curious to know what the concept of this series is in your words. You have created a solid environment for the actions that are taking place. The colors of the food items work really well together. I think the light could be a little more dramatic, perhaps more of a flourescent glow.

  8. You have really given you message very clearly, but not in a way that most people would think of. It takes a very clearly and well executed concept to create something as clearly defined as this series. I am also very curious as to the lengths and measures that science will go to to create more profitable plants. And at what cost? Phenomenal work, and I could really see these as the cover of a book or magazine, or documentary.

  9. Concept is conveyed crystal clear. The gloves are an excellent touch. I enjoy the sterile nature of these photos in contrast to theme of corruption/dirty money.

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