11 thoughts on “Matthew Cullen”

  1. The first photo made me laugh as I thought of all the women who ask their men if they look fat. I like that the man is a ghostly image. It is as if you are showing that a partner’s soul and spirit are always around. I generally like to see the eyes of the subject when there are people in the photo, but I don’t mind not being able to in the second photo. It brings a spark of hope to me for the couple’s life together as they are moving forward hand in hand. Nice job!

  2. I’m not sure if these photos are supposed to be used together or not, but I don’t make a huge connection besides the fact that these individuals are in a relationship. But, I do think the images are stronger separately. The first one with the transparent individual really makes that one quite interesting!

  3. The first of these two, to me, is a great commentary on the pressures females have in regard to their bodies. It’s affective because the female is clearly physically heathy, yet an imaginary depiction of her boyfriend (achieved with lowered his opacity) looms next to her, as she observes her body weight on the scale with discontent. She seems to be wearing athletic apparel, as if she is about to exercise or if she just finished exercising. This only reiterates the obsession and terrible burden that keeping up with society’s idea of beauty can be. It’s a sad moment when an attractive, heathy girl (or boy) is THIS concerned/worried/obsessed with the idea that they may be physically undesirable, especially to the person they love. In the second photograph, the boyfriend is *actually* there with her. The connection that we see made between the two photographs is that his presence in the second photograph contradicts her idea from the first photograph. In the first photograph, he is present only in her mind and is depicted in a way that suggests judgement. In the second photograph he is actually there and reflects her fears in no way, concluding that the issue is not with her boyfriend–rather, it is between herself and the media. This is a great narrative concerning body image issues of women in our society.

  4. These shots are nicely lit and well composed. These images work well in concert due to similar concepts of relationship or male and female pairings first from a mental then from a physical perspective. I like that the use of gray tone does not detract from the sweet sensation of the second photo.

  5. The first thing I thought was that she was pregnant and wondering if the guy is going to stand up or run and that is why he is faded. Is he going to stay and help or run and leave her to deal with it and the second picture is him being the stand up guy. Then, reading the comments, I looked again and saw the scale. I find the first picture haunting and evoking that feeling of insecurity.

  6. The composition of the second image works well: I like the inclusion of negative space on the right side, and the way her arm leads the viewer to the subject matter. Perhaps including more of his arm would increase the emphasis in this regard, and keep my eye from falling off the page. In the first image, the repetition of mirrors and reflection is a nice element. However, the bottom and top are a bit uncomfortably cropped, and the lines of the wall could be straighter.

  7. At first when looking at the top photo I thought the girl was holding her stomach as if she just found out she was pregnant or she was insecure of her body. and the transparent image of the guy behind her was behind her showing support. The bottom picture made it clear that it was her boyfriend. I really like the top picture and thought it was cool that you made the guy transparent.

  8. At first glance of the first image I immediately thought of the pressure women can be put under to look their best. the image of a guy or her boyfriend with a low opacity next to her feels as thought the image is trying to portray that the acceptance of her boyfriend is always in the back of her mind. I am not really sure about the second image. Compositionally it is nice but i am not reading it right. tThe camera angle is looking up at the couple with usually is a sign of confidence, so in my head it is showing the acceptance the boyfriend has given her.

    The shadow of the girl is distracting because it is blending in with the make figure but other than that i think the tone of the image fits nicely. The whites in the bottom image are a little to blown out but the shadows are very detailed.

  9. I really like the first photograph because it displays a lot of emotion. You can tell these two individuals have some type of relationship, however having one of the figures being ‘ghosted’ or transparent makes me wonder if the male figure is distant or fading away from the female figure.

  10. I’m not sure if these images are supposed to be in series but I think they work better separately. The first images is very powerful. I think the composition feels a little but cluttered but so would the girl’s mind in that situation so if it’s intentional then I think it’s working. The second image has great contrast and tone, but feels cliche. It seems like a very typical relationship picture.

  11. I can really see myself in these photos. It seems to me, the woman is struggling with a loss or something frustrating centered on her relationship to the man. The top photo, to me, reads as low self-image and she’s thinking about what her partner thinks. The ghosting effect here is really well done and adds a lot to what the photo is trying to convey along with the angle the photo was taken at. Really cool photos.

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