Youngstown State University

Sarah Amelia Clarke



Sarah Amelia Clarke
Topics in Advanced Photography
digital prints; 12″ x 12″
series of 7

My work for this project was inspired by the movie Seven. After watching this movie, I knew I wanted to make sloth, lust, wrath, greed, vanity, gluttony, and envy my subjects. I wanted these to be very vibrant and sensual, and to have the glamorous appeal that such a forbidden subject can sometimes have.

17 thoughts on “Sarah Amelia Clarke”

  1. I think what you said in your statement comes through in the work even without reading anything. I am particularly taken by the top image. The flattened space, rich color, and sharpness all feed into the struggle of the forbidden. They are so attractive yet so grotesque. Great concept!

  2. Really unique idea, and an excellent movie for inspiration! The vibrant color really works well in your images and I am fascinated by the really close up grotesqueness as well. I am interested to see how the rest of you series unfolds.

  3. These really are great images and grotesque seems to be the right word to describe them! The colors are amazing, especially in the top images. The bottom image is difficult to look at for too long, in a good way of course. Very great images and the artist statement is very helpful for me.

  4. Interesting visual concept. I can’t fit which photo is for which sin. The bottom one is so disgusting that I can’t look at it for long without feeling very nauseous, but I want to because I want to know what it is. It looks like a big tobacco chew loogey. I really enjoy the wash of color that spreads into the water around the red mouth.

  5. wow, The images are sexy and violent. The bottom one made me squeamish
    but I couldn’t turn away. I like them a lot, and I feel they could work even better at a larger scale than 12″X12″. really confront the viewer

  6. very nice. i like how the different colors evoke different feels of disgust. the contrast between the color. The white really helps to focus on the subject, but i feel that its too washed out. The different objects and material in the mouths is a great idea. the pieces are working and you accomplished your goal.

  7. Truly an inspiring set of images. I love the intense reaction these images create. The extremely vibrant colors are also very charged and only strengthen the reaction I get when looking at them.

  8. yuck! Awesome concept. The vivid colors is appealing to the eye and is what initially made me stop and look at the pictures. I really like the close up on the mouths. However the bottom one may be a little too washed out.

  9. i love your description of your images! i have a good understand of your concept. The vibrant colors definitely draw your attention to the lips and then whats inside the ring of the mouth. the bottom mouth the tongue looks like its death with the color loss. thats weird how the saturation dulled down. i love brightness level, it mite be a little much because some color detail is lost with the shine element on the lips but hey it still works great. the teeth add so much emphasis to the emotions.

  10. The color in these images are amazing, so vivid, really attracts the viewers attention to the ideas and objects within the mouth. Great idea and a clever way to attempt to portray the seven deadly sins, this series will evoke a reaction out of anyone. Good work.

  11. These are really grotesque-in a good way, if that’s possible. The vivid colors especially grab my attention, and the way the mouths are adjusted to be biting or chewing on things that aren’t comfortable to eat remind me of something from a cover of a scary movie or something similar. You definitely have the concept down!

  12. Very disturbing movie on a side-note but interesting concept and I was intrigued. I saw the first image that drew me in and the second drew me away but I didn’t want to leave because it was the curiosity that took ahold of me. Well done.

  13. I’ve seen another set of images based on the same concept and these are much more interesting. I like that you’re using bright colors to contrast with your expression of the sin. These hold a certain interest as to “What’s next?!” Explore the sins more even if it’s with different body parts.

  14. I think your compositions work well. Its never easy to photograph a view we see everyday that is so intimate and personal. The top image seems vain and sensual, which is what you seem to want the intent to have. The reflecting object in between the teeth were a good choice and almost give the photograph a photoshopped mirror effect, although it is actually a true mirror. The bottom image is my favorite. Your high contrast and bright light works perfectly to isolate the mouth and really shift focus to the lips, teeth, brown goo, and tongue. Nice work!

  15. I love your idea here. I think the compositions are striking and dynamic and impossible to pass by without taking a longer look. I like the violence of the first photo, as illustrated by the knife-like object and the way the teeth are clenched, and I enjoy the grotesqueness of the second photo–it makes me cringe, but in a way that I want to explore the image further. I love your use of color as well. Varying color here makes for an incredibly interesting juxtaposition between the two photos.

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