Mitch Siefert

Meat Me for Lunch

Stay in School

Mitch Siefert
Photography 376
2 of 15 parts; 8” x 10”
Marker, paint marker, crayon, brush pen, and scratching on matte silver

This series is an exploration of the real and not so real, manipulation and pure. Is it more real for me to photograph my drawing objects than to draw on my photographs. In place of animation I chose very dynamic situations to allow the viewer to participate in the mayhem.

Sarah Amelia Clarke



Sarah Amelia Clarke
Color Photography
color prints; 6″ x 6″
series of 6

I enjoy photographing the character of Youngstown through its old buildings. With these images, I wanted to explore the Youngstown that once was. I choose these buildings and signs because of the contrast between the bright colors and the effects of aging and abandonment.

Pedro Romano



Pedro Romano
Art 344 digital Photo
From series of 15 digital prints- 8×12/8×14

The idea of a Pedrograph comes from an unconscious neccesity to create imagery. This series investigates the emptiness of meaning in a subject. The absence of a defined subject matter is replaced with emtiness. This emptiness examines the visual language of imagery in which the viewer brings meaning to recognize forms. The empty Pedrographs are an attempt to deconstruct, understand and rebuild this visual language.