5 thoughts on “Ashley Herron”

  1. The lighting in this image is really nice, and I think that the really black background is quite fitting. Even though the shirt is simple, I find it a little out of place. Perhaps consider thinking about creating a whole costume?

  2. The expression of the girl and the way she posed is very strange and interesting. I think this photo would look great as a black and white image and the photo might not come off so strange that way. I kinda wish you could see more of her body.

  3. I find it hard to draw a connection between the clothing, the mask, and the expression/body position, I feel like the image would have been better with a background, a full body image, or even a change of clothing.

  4. This photo definitely has the creep factor due to the fact that she is looking at the camera. There is some mystery due to the lighting. It would be much better if she was wearing a solid color, the strips are distracting.

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