16 thoughts on “Sabrina Ellis”

  1. Subtle changes in color comforts my eyes, especially the second piece. I can thus observe the two photos longer. Solid form of the man and freer pastures of the woman creates an interesting emotional contrast.

  2. Something about this picture made me think reminded me of a similar situation with my girl friend. I noticed the playfulness of the first picture and the “I’m sorry babe” look of the second picture. The emotional switch was clear and the tones and contrasts only added to the emotional transfer.

  3. The top picture of the couple in the laundromat has me thinking that their pose suggests that their individual identities are not as important as their identity as a couple; also I think the repetitive elements of the composition make an elegant comment on the fact that being a couple takes hard work and the need to find/manufacture joy in the mundane tasks.

  4. I adore these photos. There is a feeling of comfort and simplicity I get when I look at them, as if i’ve been there before and felt that feeling of playfulness and safety and love. You did a beautiful job of capturing that feeling. I’m gonna start hanging out at the laundramat!

  5. Your first photo brings to my mind that love always exists. All too often, couples lead divided lives, each with their own career and friends only to come together at the end of the day. Your photo (to me) shows that love is always present and the depiction of them working together reinforces that relationships do take work. The second photo is very pleasing to look at as well. I would like to see other images from the series.

  6. Its looks like in the first image everything is going well and they are in love or something like it lol. Then the second image feels as if everything is starting to go downhill.

  7. I can relate to these photos because laundry time is weirdly a bonding moment for my boyfriend and I. There is nothing to do, but wait and play around. The black and white colors are so complimenting to the dull colors usually displayed in a laundromat. I love how intimate the moment is and the how the couple is the focus of the frame.

  8. I love the way these photos relate to each other, not directly but emotionally. The way you can see that there are real feelings is rather amazing, it can be very difficult to capture emotion well, and have it look real. The photos don’t look staged at all they look natural and candid. I really love how you caught a moment for this couple.

  9. I like these photo’s, there poetic, and that is what I look for when I’m taking pictures. The poetic side of everything because it puts a lot more meaning and emotion to the work . I like for my viewers to see the love with in my art.

  10. Love this. I much rather story telling be from subjects that aren’t posed so this is very believable. I believe that they’re in love and they want to do laundry together; they’re so in love that you can feel the emotion from the 1st photo to the 2nd. There’s something funny going on with the resolution in both photographs and it makes them look grainy and not a good grainy.

  11. These pictures remind me of young love, before all the pressures of outside life come crashing in. It made me remember what it felt like to be young and in love, when you can’t wait to see them again, the playfulness and joy that comes with that emotion. The second picture looks to me like she is clinging to him, why, I am not sure but you can see that they still love each other and makes me hope it lasts and doesn’t turn jaded and ugly.
    I like the crispness of the lines in the laundry mat, the straight lines of the walls and equipment and the silhouette of the couple giving a smooth curvature of the couple against it. I like the shadows and how the light is used. very interesting and would love to see more…

  12. I definitely get the feeling of the title of the book. It feels like love that has turmoil and hurt, but is still beautiful. I think you did an excellent job of portraying your theme and I think that the images are really strong as well!

  13. These photos are very powerful because they show two different sides of a relationship and display how the mood can change very fast. In the first photo, the couple seems playful and innocent, but in the second they are far more serious.

  14. These photographs are breathtaking. The intimacy and the warmth I feel by looking at the images are beyond amazing. These photos make me very happy.

  15. These images are simple yet represent so much. I admire the fact that these are such mundane, everyday moments but allow for so much meaning in terms of couples, relationships, friendships etc. This reminds me of a photojournalistic approach in which I see very much in my own work. These are the most real moments brought to life through the lens of a camera.

  16. These photos feel very honest. The first one feels like a candid shot, whereas the second one feels more posed. I love the choice of black and white for these, as it really makes the viewer focus on the people in the image, not distracted by lots of colors. These are just very sweet photos.

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