34 thoughts on “Kadie Pangburn”

  1. These photos are wonderfully mysterious. They make me think of haunted houses and have a very ghastly effect. The top one is what I imaging a portrait of a ghost to look like and the tones really accentuate the image. The second image is more terrifying as the figure seems to be fleeing.

  2. The mystical, ghostly imagery is really working here. It is very effective that the images are printed black and white with an overall dark tone-adds to the mystery of the subject matter. As with the previous statement, the fleeting nature of the figures is really quite terrifying-especially noticeable in the second image.

  3. I am particularly attracted to the second picture. The unknown woman’s running motion towards “me” feels very real. Yet I do not get the sense of fear. It is probably due to her dress code, though it is not clear, it still looks clean and controlled. Overall the photo seems dark, but there isn’t any bright white presented in the photo either to distract viewers. The rich dark tones are very attractive.

  4. I agree with Youn-Jae, I am also very attracted to the second picture. There is something about this woman being “faceless” that gives her this sense of unrest. These photographs are very mysterious/uneasy yet playful in a sense. Your choice of location is magnificent.

  5. The ghost figure gives the skirt in the first photo great texture, and also gives an eerie quality when combined with the complete stillness in the rest of the photo. Also, I really enjoy the background in both photos, they really help to set the mood and give great contrast to the figure.

  6. The decision to do these two photos in black in white only increases the uneasiness I feel when looking at them! I love the action of both and as mentioned above by others, the second photo is especially striking. I like that the figure is rushing towards you and appears to be escaping into the onlookers presence from a black mysterious void. It pulls the viewer into the scenario giving me goosebumps!

  7. I love the vintage feel of this work. I also love that you did these in black and white instead of color. I think it adds to the mystery of the woman. Not knowing who she is or where she is makes the photograph interesting. The tones within the images are wonderful. Everything in these two photographs works very nicely.

  8. Both of these pictures seem to represent a feeling of escapism. In the first photo, it looks like a failed attempt to fly, and in the second it looks like she is fleeing or running.

  9. I love the movement of the skirt in the first photograph, and really enjoy the ghost image that you captured in the second. I am glad you used black and white, it helped to create the overall haunted mood. Great contrast

  10. Great use of shutter speed to show motion, It brings life to a stagnant place. The second image seems to have the lower part of the wall out of focus/soft. This could be something to think about when shooting more to keep your environment sharp and just the figure blurred in motion.

  11. These are some of my favorite photographs I’ve encountered on this website. There is something dark and beautiful about these pictures. I am so curious as to where they were shot. There is definitely an element of mystery. This movement also makes these photographs very special. I think the way they were printed adds a tremendous appeal to their appearance. Nice work!

  12. I really like this pictures. The lighting is very attractive in the first image. The second image it kinda scary because the person is so blurry. I love the contrasts as well.

  13. I really like both of these pictures. I am always drawn to black and white images. I like how in each photo the subject is out of focus, it gives me the feeling that the subject is a ghost or something mysterious. Overall the images give off a haunted and scary mood.

  14. i wanna know how u did second picture. the background and person at picture really contrast together. it makes the girl outstanding. the girl seems burred but the environment still clearly. it is good to capture the movement of girl.

  15. These photos are fantastic! I love that both compositions are centered but still very compelling. You payed much detail to the setting in which these photos would be taken and it accents the subject beautifully.

  16. I love the ghost imaging in these photos. I find these images very compelling. Being black and white suits these perfectly.

  17. These images really capture the essence of creepy. The way you captured the subject seems almost immaterial like she isn’t there. I’m interested about what this might look like with two or more moving subjects without crowding the image with too much movement.

  18. These images feel very old and scary. The sense of movement coming from the skirt and the girl’s hair are ghostly. The environment where you took these photos looks old and distressed and was a good location for these photos.

  19. Great juxtaposition of prim and disturbing. Something very haute couture-ish about the vera wang-like tulle skirt and ballet flats, but in a gritty, cold scene. Brings to mind a haunted sanitorium. I wish I could see slightly more detail in the texture of wall of the top image.

  20. I love the use of the slow shutter for these images. The blurring doesn’t even look like it’s a part of the figure, it looks like the woman is an apparition disappearing into a cloud of ghostly smoke. Along with this, the framing is perfect. Both backgrounds give the feeling of emptiness, darkness, & fear.

  21. I love these images, the slow shutter speed that you’re using to create the blur and movement is beautiful. They are almost mysterious and creepy from the ghostly smoke around your figure. I enjoy that a lot!

  22. The use of blurred motion here, combined with the stark contrast and simplistic background really work well in enhancing your concept. Love the technique used here to enhance your conceptual creation in these images. Have you seen any of Edward Honaker’s work? I think you would enjoy it.

  23. I really like how you used the long exposure to create that blurry effect here. The dress one looks very magical. It seems like the dress can change into specks of dust and disappear like that in the air. Also the running girl one, you made her looks like a mysterious fairy. I like it!

  24. The way you captured movement is incredibly interesting to me. I like the choice of using black and white; I feel that it draws attention away from any unnecessary details, and the contrast between light and dark highlights the captured movement really well.

  25. I really love how the pictures seem to be alive, capturing the movement of the girl. It is really interesting to look at. I also really like the fact that the pictures are in black and white makes it even more appealing to the eyes. On the second one I would have maybe zoomed in a little closer to the subject.

  26. These photos really capture movement in a beautiful way. They look vintage and have a good composition and strong contrast. They also are very cohesive and could be part of a larger set of photos.

  27. There’s not much more I can really say that hasn’t already been commented on. A presence of both life and death I think is visible, with the vignetting and the “vintage” look of the photographs, along with the ghostly figure. However, the figure is very much alive in both pictures. With the second picture, I don’t know if I should be frightened of or frightened for the subject. Very interesting.

  28. I really enjoy the way you took these photos and how they are blurry in a way that shows movement. In both photos the subjects face isn’t shown clearly, forcing the viewer to focus more on the overall composition and the contrast in the photos.

  29. I love how these both captured the image in the moment and how it is a portrait without the face. It makes them more mysterious which really works with lighting and aspects of it.

  30. The use of negative verses positive space here is so perfect! I really like the way you’ve chosen to break the rule of thirds here. I also think the way you use blurred motion to help lightly fill in some of the negative space is really adding to the composition. I would like to see a little more contrast but otherwise these are wonderful images

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