14 thoughts on “Neva Chaffins”

  1. Your photographs are interesting to me because you have captured the people and their environments in such a way that leaves me wanting to see more. I really enjoy your subject matter.

  2. I actually left a comment earlier tonight, under the wrong name, I forgot to replace her name with mine and left several comments before I noticed. I really enjoy your subject matter and find the sequence interesting. Your photographs have a sense of emotion and character.

  3. I really like the way these images are composed. It give the viewer a feel of being in part of the subject matter’s lives. The images do not feel staged and i really like the subject matter does not feel posed.

  4. I love the subject matter, the color, and the composition of the images. It has a real American feel to it. I feel like i know the town it was shot in and it has a good welcoming vibe to it. Just a good old fashion small town in the U.S of A.

  5. I think all photographs in this series work well together. The mood of the series is improved with the choice to use only black and white. The sense I get from this set makes me feel as if I am in this environment. If I had to chose one photograph that feels a little out of place it would be the top right image. It still fits in the series somewhat but doesn’t match the “around the trailer park” theme.

  6. I enjoy this style of photography that documents the life that people live and the way these images are composed leads the viewer into the subject’s lives and surroundings. Very interesting and would like to see the entire series and if the series is about a certain neighborhood, family, or why the subjects were chosen. I would agree that the restaurant scene does not seem to fit in with the others because they each speak about home environments and are outdoors but without seeing the entire series it is difficult to say.

  7. Your photography is strong and acts as a documentary.I think choosing black and white was a strong choice and if these images were done with color I think it would loose some of its narrative. The lines that are throughout your work help to guide viewers through to the subjects. I think these are strong photos, I wish I could see more!

  8. The subject matter is very interesting. The colors, tons, and composition of the images are very striking and has a good feel to them. It feels very old and vintage like to me which is a good things because it gives off that certain rustic vibe. I feel like i am in the environment and really pulls me in.

  9. I really enjoy the sequences of your photos and they all go really well together. I can see these photos in a photobook themed with images from people’s everyday lives. I like how you have captured moments where the person is just starting to notice that you’ve taken a picture of them and the fact that you did them in black and white allows us to focus in on their expressions. These images also give you a feeling of hanging out on a sunny Sunday afternoon with friends and family and just walking around the town. Great pictures and I hope to see them in a book one day!

  10. Very interesting to me because you have captured. The subject matter is very stone in these photos. Them being in black and white really helps the dialogue of the photos.

  11. The photographs you have here have a very natural familiar feel to them. Having the photos in black and white adds to the feeling of timelessness and is a beautiful aspect of the documentary style photography vibe you have going on. Love all of them!!

  12. The composition and choice of black and white photography makes these photos look like an emotional documentary. I think this art is very well done, definitely tells a story!

  13. I enjoy the subject matter of these photos. With many individuals featured in these photos, I think it was a smart choice to put the photos in black and white. It helps tone down the noise in the background. I think in color, the backgrounds would have been distracting and there would not have been as much attention on the subjects. I enjoy the theme of these photos and how they feel natural. The only thing I would have liked to see more of was playing with some different angles!

  14. These photographs feel highly documentary in an especially great way. Something about them feels so natural and pulled straight out of life–they create a really compelling narrative. I enjoy the action and life felt in all of the subjects.

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