U of Wisconsin, Madison

Jackie Matelski


Jackie Matelski
Art 476
Digital Prints; 13″ x 19″

This series is entitled “Les Coméstibles.” This work pays close attention to the dramatic mise-en-scéne flooding today’s grocery stores. Our human necessity for food is one of the most basic primal instincts, and yet, in American consumer culture, we are faced with spot lights, presentation, and other excessive tactics to sway our decisions–especially in the context of the grocery store.

4 thoughts on “Jackie Matelski”

  1. I absolutely looove this piece. I came to the showing at the 734 Gallery and was fascinated with your work. I love the vibrant use of color and the repetition that is constant throughout your prints was so beautiful. You take photographs of such basic objects and then frame/present them in such a way that amplifies the overlooked qualities of them.
    Great work!

  2. Candy, Candy, Candy. I love the colors and can only image the flavors. Fun and silly photo of what to expect in the grocery store when you need a sugar fix. Love the idea of taking a simple picture that gives an immediate response to your taste buds.

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