6 thoughts on “Lydia L. Roden”

  1. The text is used very effectively in these images, and clearly adds to the powerful message you are conveying through the images. Great use of lighting and expression in these photos.

  2. The text in these images really brings each image together individually as well as link them as belonging together. I think the variation in the shades of the text is what makes the text effective. It doesn’t take the image over and the subject is still of importance. It creates a nice balance in each piece.

  3. I’m impressed with how you posed the individual in the two photos. Instead of posing her identically and making the connection between wig and without wig painfully obvious the angles are different and it feels like a whole different person. Her first pose is very powerful looking and is well paired with the bland and somewhat sad face she is making in the second photo.

  4. The writing behind the individual tells the story of what is going on in her mind which is a great touch, also each photo has it’s own emotion beyond the writing. I enjoy both pieces equally.

  5. In these photos the beauty behind each women is expressed which brings we closer to the photo trying to read their emotions and what they think. I love how they are in black and white because this adds another aspect of how these woman may be thinking and feeling.

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