U of Wisconsin, Madison

Mitch Siefert

Meat Me for Lunch

Stay in School

Mitch Siefert
Photography 376
2 of 15 parts; 8” x 10”
Marker, paint marker, crayon, brush pen, and scratching on matte silver

This series is an exploration of the real and not so real, manipulation and pure. Is it more real for me to photograph my drawing objects than to draw on my photographs. In place of animation I chose very dynamic situations to allow the viewer to participate in the mayhem.

4 thoughts on “Mitch Siefert”

  1. The strong contrast between the black and white photo and animation-like colors do create attractive collections of work. There is a sense of confusion between what is real, and what is not, which I believe is your original intention. The figurines and colors used in your work definitely deviates from reality, but, the other objects that are surrounding them looks as if they are something in between reality and fiction.
    Good work!

  2. I commend you on your artist statement! These compositions indeed invite the viewer to participate in the conversations you are suggesting here. Of your second image, it looks as if you are adding drawings to photographs. (or are you placing your drawings on objects then photographing them? If so, I would say that your process is an important aspect in your art practice.) Great use of space and medium. I would like to see more.

  3. I really like your concept, I’ve never seen anyone so dramatically and vibrantly change a silver print. They are very bold, and remind me of graffiti. Definitely interesting to look at.

  4. I can definitely see the similarities between your drawing style and these photographs. There is that same strange irony that begins as humor turned into something else. I enjoy the color and the careful handling of the border on the edges to replicate that feeling of 35 mm. I would love to see your more in depth concepts, like your later drawings this semester, turned into photographs and see the changes.

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