University of Arizona

Pedro Romano



Pedro Romano
Art 344 digital Photo
From series of 15 digital prints- 8×12/8×14

The idea of a Pedrograph comes from an unconscious neccesity to create imagery. This series investigates the emptiness of meaning in a subject. The absence of a defined subject matter is replaced with emtiness. This emptiness examines the visual language of imagery in which the viewer brings meaning to recognize forms. The empty Pedrographs are an attempt to deconstruct, understand and rebuild this visual language.

25 thoughts on “Pedro Romano”

  1. I really enjoy the way that space has been used and shown in these images. The compositions are interesting and create interesting shapes that make me think more deeply about the concept.

  2. I really enjoy the feeling of solitude the multiple photos project onto the subject. It is like he is alone on a mission to understand his place.

  3. I like the strong sense of geometry you’ve created with the circular negative space bound by the black rectangle, repeated with the white margin… yet somehow with the curling edges, they almost become organic at the same time. The rolling edges also gives you a an interesting volume through accumulation of something 2-dimensional. Am curious about the seemingly ill-fitting suit, but don’t find it terribly disruptive… The hat however seems like it should be more rigid to be congruous with the other elements of structure within the composition.

  4. i enjoy how the empty cut out photos create a shape and a pattern and how they contrast the character. the dullness and absence of color really adds on to the absence of subject matter because add in color would make color the subject matter. i do agree with previous comments that it is very geometrical. i think it’s a little of a paradox that the concept is the lack of subject but you have two subjects in your work. though i do see the connection and necessity to add them to the image. the man is there to figure out why or what the subject is,and the subject doesn’t need to be there if there is no viewer to view. well, done.

  5. I like the repetitive nature. I also think that this was an excellent use of space. The shapes within the space are very strong and command attention. The shapes and patterns are not repetitive to the point of being to much, they work very well and create very interesting lines. I also like that the man’s face is never shown. I think it would take away from the mystery within the images. I think showing motion in the first photograph was a very good idea because it keeps the viewer’s eyes locked on the image longer.

  6. The second image tells a very powerful feeling. It gives its viewer a sense of reminiscing and as if the subject is a bit overwhelmed. The first however is not as clear, the circle is not coming off with any real meaning.

  7. I was drawn to the first image because my class has just done a motion unit so the blurred leg made me think of some of my work. I think the cut-out pictures are odd but in a good way. They give a different feel to both pictures as well as indicate that circular shapes are a theme of these photos.

  8. Pedro,
    Great statement and photos. I deal a lot with the concept of the “void” in my work. I first began with making empty spaces in my paintings, literally, but have come to understand that in the production of objects, or in your case, the idea of showing emptiness is impossible. Your photos, although having a hole through them, expose not so much the emptiness of the photographs, but what lies behind them (a world that is not empty). How do you reconcile this? That might be more of a “spiritual” or “philosophical” question, but it is a question that has propelled my further with my work and might help you as well. Also, are you reading Roland Barthes “Camera Lucida”? If not, get on it! Great work!

  9. Great photos with an intriguing concept. I would love to see more of the series. I think my only personal issue is the tree-shadow (?) in the top image..I think it throws off the harmony of balance just a tad.

  10. Great use of space. The concept is very interesting. It makes me want to look into it further. I like that you chose to have these images in black and white.

  11. i love the geometric patterns everywhere in these pictures. i like how they are the focus and add a continuous feel to each picture. i think it would have been stronger if both were a bit lighter.

  12. As a viewer I can relate to the series, where I look for patterns when I walk or even when I’m sitting. The pictures express your idea, even without reading the artist statement. My favorite picture is the top one, where shapes and patters take over the picture – at the same time the anonymity of the parson walking adds mystery and surrealism.

  13. I am drawn specifically to the second of these photographs. The monochromaticity paired with the cut-out polaroids produce a feeling of emptiness. Or, more specifically, an emptiness through a lack of something that once was. With the subject intently focusing on an image that presumably once was, and no longer is, gives a feeling of regret and of quietly sad nostalgia.

  14. I absolutely love these photographs. At first, I thought that part of them was drawn on (in the first). It was a neat reaction to have. I think your concept is fascinating and that you executed your idea very well!

  15. I love the negative space in these photos. The geometric shapes create something really beautiful. I’m more interested in the top photo because the object are seemingly unnoticed by the figure walking by. It makes me wonder why these objects are normal to him.

  16. I love how the photos are taking up the entire frame, and yet there is a significant amount of negative space within the printed photos. The second photo in particular is very interesting to me as it’s really unsure what the man is thinking or doing as he is surrounded by the same photograph over and over again. The mystery and apparent obsession is very intriguing.

  17. I love the pictures! The shapes create a sort of illusion and mesmerized your eyes while giving a strong feeling towards the viewer while drawing them to the photo. Great pictures overall. I look forward to more work.

  18. I really love the geometry effect you build on your photos by arranging your prints. The strong contrast really intriguing.

  19. Very intriguing photos. The placement of the photos around the circle caught my eye immediately. The photos around the man feel like they are circling in on him so which is so cool. The open circle in the photos really gets your mind wondering as to what was there.

  20. These photos are very interesting and really grasped my eye. I enjoy the composition and the way they both make me wonder what’s going on in the scene. There’s something a little spooky but also curious.

  21. I love this set! I especially love how you constructed your second photo, the anonymity of your subject really settles the feeling of emptiness along with your neutral tones. This series was put together beautifully.

  22. The chaotic compositions of this work is exceptionally crafted. It helps to effectively communicate to the viewer that emotion. The work also made me think a lot about what it means to have writer’s block or anyartist’s block in general.

  23. There are so many lines and angles in these photos. The chaos almost reaches the point of being too much, but doesn’t. The images are visually stimulating, but don’t overwhelm me.I think you have a strong understanding of vantage point and it plays out well in these images

  24. These are so captivating to look at. I like how the first picture is more simple and the second picture has so much going on. I like how the figure is walking outside of the circle in the first picture, it creates an interesting narrative.

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