Youngstown State University

Sarah Amelia Clarke



Sarah Amelia Clarke
Color Photography
color prints; 6″ x 6″
series of 6

I enjoy photographing the character of Youngstown through its old buildings. With these images, I wanted to explore the Youngstown that once was. I choose these buildings and signs because of the contrast between the bright colors and the effects of aging and abandonment.

23 thoughts on “Sarah Amelia Clarke”

  1. I really like how the top photo is almost abstract. You can tell it’s an old painted sign, but without any of the context, it’s much more abstract than the second one.

  2. The texture is really nice in these– it is definitely a great subject to find lots of great texture! I also like that you are exploring these signs both up close and also at more of a distance– they contrast each other nicely.

  3. First I LOVE both photos… I love the look of older buildings… although it always makes me sad to see them age…

    What I wanted to ask you is where these 2 buildings were located at in Youngstown.. I’m doing a photo shoot tomorrow for a family with 2 tween aged kids… and they wanted something with some fun backgrounds… and since it was set up at the last minute I have not been able to go wandering around looking for this type of thing.. Thanks in advance

  4. I enjoy these photos. As said above, the first is almost abstract and the second really hits home with your artist statement for me, thanks to the decaying condition of the building. Good choice of subject matter.

  5. These photos are very nice. I love the aged look of these bright colors painted on the dull red brick and the cropping of the text.

  6. The color and the brick pattern make it hard for my eyes to stop looking at these images! I especially love the second photograph because it is very well composed. There are several things to keep my eyes looking around within the photograph at. I like the color and the texture of the first photograph but it is definitely not as strong as the second. The composition has a different feeling and maybe it is something that could be changed by altering the lighting (making it lighter and or brighter). Keep going with this project–I’d be interested in seeing how it progresses.

  7. You really captured some wonderful imagery, and great texture! The second one almost looks antiqued/less saturated and really goes well with your exploration.

  8. These photos really caught my eye because of the color and brick patterns. The brick really helps keep your eye moving throughout the photo and the washed/weathered colors really help capture the character of these buildings and the era they inhabited. I myself really enjoy old building and signage its lets me see a little of the days I missed.

  9. The texture of these photos really capture the eye, and give the photographs more meaning. However the straight on shots leaves the viewer wondering about the building itself. I would find it more enjoyable had you angled the shot enough to get a few corners of the building.

  10. As a student, it is interesting to see what old landmarks like an old Pabst Brewing Co., other students are encountering across the country. The lettering and weather worn paint are beautiful. One suggestion would be getting some angled shots to add more drama or appeal to the photograph. This series inspires me to document old landmarks in the cities come across.

  11. These images have great texture to them. I think you’re focus on the texture shows the age, but you’ve lost the actual area in cropping in. Im not exactly sure about this area or the subject matter you’re focusing on, but if you want to explore Youngstown maybe include the surrounding scenery along side these surfaces.

    again, I have no idea if this is possible. As they are, these images speak to me of degradation, texture, material, not of Youngstown.

  12. I like the bottom photo because the composition and placement of the words has my eyes constantly moving around the photo. The first image is less appealing to me. I do like the feel of the old buildings. It gives me kind of a sense of home, but that may be due to my association with them.

  13. I particularly enjoy the textures and contrasting colors in the Pabst image. There are several interesting areas that keep your eyes engaged.

  14. I love the color choice and concept of these images. The painted brick give these a gritty feel, yet the bright color and lighting feel more optimistic and airy. The juxtaposition of the two styles is really interesting and I think very successful here. Love them.

  15. I see many other similar interests that you have when looking at these two photographs. In your statement you talked about your interest of contrast between bright colors, the effects age has, and also abandonment. You’re also drawn to lines, colors, texts, and different textures. I don’t see abandonment in these photographs. Instead, I think that you’re photographing and showing a better representation of long durations of time. These buildings are not something that happened over night. I also think that you are drawn to the character and style of grunge that these buildings hold.
    Both of these pictures have a similar value range. As a series, I wish that the colors related more to each other. I think that photograph 2 is your better image. You’re strength is shooting straight on.

  16. I love both of these rustic looks. the old fashion style gives it character. There is a nice contrast of different colors in different tones. The composition and where the words are placed catches my eye.

  17. I really like the close texture you can see in both the images. It gives it a lot of character and though they are similar textures, the colors and aging give them each a unique quality. I like the contrast of the colors, it is a nice addition!

  18. The buildings in these photos have a lot of character! It makes me want to explore the buildings in real life. My curiosity has been sparked by these photos. I love the texture in both the close up shot of the bricks and the further away one. One thing I may have changed would have been to lower the brightness of the second photo. I like the pastel blue color, but think it is a bit bright in this photo, which takes away from the texture of the bricks. Overall, well done!

  19. These photos feel so retro and vintage. I the tones and aesthetics you went for, it works really well with your subject. I too love the texture that you have incorporated in your images. Overall, everything you are doing is cohesive.

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