3 thoughts on “Christina Haapapuro”

  1. I love the perspective on this photograph. I feel like a tiny, little bug looking up at this daunting entrance. Yet, the door isn’t attached to a frame and doesn’t seem to lead anywhere… very mysterious.

  2. I like this picture because the door is in the middle of no where. It makes me think of one of those mystical doors in movies where there’s nothing on either side of it but once you open it, it leads you to a whole new place. I would however enjoy seeing more color because it’s not really black and white but not full of color either. I think it could be more powerful being one or the other instead of a grayish brown.

  3. The worms eye view of this door is so overwhelming and has such dramatic feel. Any other angle would do the justice that the worms eye does in the photograph. It gives an eerie sense of imagination/adventure.

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