3 thoughts on “Jena Schleis”

  1. After looking at these photos and the title of this series, it gives me a that sense of the vulnerability of women in both photos. I think your top photo is by far the best compose. Presenting this photo in a night setting and the location being a empty parking lot really makes your meaning and title very strong. The low lighting gives this photo a dark feel. I get what you are trying to do with this bottom photo; the composition is great, but I think the lighting is a problem. The bright green is very distracting, making the photograph lose its true focal point (the woman). If I look at just the bottom photo and didn’t read your description, I wouldn’t know if that person is a guy or a girl because of the bright green light making hard shadows.

  2. I am very interested in your topic, yet I only understood it once I read the title. This would most likely be resolved by seeing all 20 of your images together, rather than just two on a computer screen. I also agree with the previous post that the green light is distracting. One of the reasons why the top photo is perhaps more successful is because there is so much space surrounding the women in the top photo. I also agree that it is important to define your subject as a women, as this is a major part of your topic, and I do think that the bottom photo could be better as far as that goes. Overall, though, a very interesting subject, and although the bottom image has a few issues, both are well done and really create a mood and make me think about the many times each day it is more dangerous to be a women than a man.

  3. The light source that you composed in these photos gives people the interest in what your title of the photos are. This photo has great composition because everything comes into focus and that you know that the women being shot are alone as the title states.

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