3 thoughts on “Joy Larson”

  1. Joy, I absolutely love your first photograph with the silhouetted children at the zoo. You captured the essence of childhood behaviors, including their innocent and naive spirits. The contrast of the foreground to the background is very appealing. Well done. I feel like your second image isn’t quite as strong but I really like how you played with ambiguous space by using the reflections.

  2. The tonal qualities of these photos are truly eye catching. The silhouetting is perfect, at first glass the 1st picture looks like the kids have stepped into a new world. It’s almost impossible to tell there is a glass between the lion and children. My first thoughts were wild animal vs wild animal (as kids can be sometimes). As a set of photographs, these photos seem to provoke security and fear. I like how well the photos complement each other with emotions that one may experience while in such an environment.

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