St. Cloud State University

Ruben KC

Photograph 1 :Lost
Actual Size : 15″ x 10″

Even though there is all positive vibe surrounding me, I feel Lost now and then. I feel left out even in a group and I am walking down this never ending path.

Photograph 2: Never seen before
Actual Size: 10.8″ x 11.5″

I have never seen a Leaf carved in the ground. At first i thought it was a real leaf but when i saw it closely it was attached to the ground.

Ruben KC
ART 306: Intermediate Photography 1
Color print 35mm

Our assisgnment was to photograph on something LOST and NEVER SEEN BEFORE.

St. Cloud State University

Jacob Bartush



Jacob Bartush
ART 306 Intermediate Photography 1
Color 35 mm Prints
12″ x 15″ and 22″ x 6″

These images are from an assignment to capture something you have lost and something you have never seen before. These images are not photographs of something I have literally lost or never seen, but otherwise metaphors for the subject. My working with metaphors, I leave some ambiguity to the image which i believe is more interesting for the viewer.

St. Cloud State University

Blake Weld

10″ x 20″

Blue-collar workers are sometimes forgotten on the struggles they go through on a daily bases. Some struggles could include loss of fingers or even loss of a job. This man is one that has lost both, fingers and his career. Luckily he has learned to get over those life bumps and pursed forward. For me it is something that all should take into consideration. When life seems at its worst, push on cause tomorrow is a new day.

10″ x 15″

This is something that i have never seen before. Actually i see it all the time but what i really never see is people taking care of their own trash.

Blake Weld
ART 307: Intermediate Photography
color prints

Florida State University

Alicia Sheerwood



Alicia Sheerwood
ART 4928: Political and Environmental Landscape Advance Workshop
Digital Prints, 8.5″ x 11″
2 images

These images are apart of a series of my concentration. The focus is generally on how many inner- city resident are living without a purpose… Many do not see it a need to take care of the environment around them. Lack of education and knowledge of the present state of our world causes a disruption in their community.