38 thoughts on “Christina Poindexter”

  1. I like the message the photographer focused on. even though a large fire took place and burned everything in site, life still managed to spring up through the ashes.

  2. Focusing on the small green grass popping out of the ground was a great choice for the photography set, made for a nice composition.

  3. its so fascinating on something so destructive, so detrimental creates life. when something is taken away their is somethere to replace it. ust a mind blowing phenomenon.

  4. The photo on the bottom really captures the statement you are trying to make about life coming from destruction. I kind of wish that one of these photos actually had fire in it. The smoke does give the impression of a fire but I think some images of flames might have been really interesting or dramatic. I don’t get the effect of a prescribed fire from the top image, it could very well be a camp fire if I hadn’t read your description. But I do love the image of the little blades of grass popping up from the charred ground. it definitely makes a statement about life and death.

  5. I think many more detail shots would strengthen this series. I would love to see a macro shot of the burnt bark on a tree in conjunction with more “growth/life” pictures. I’m excited to see where you go with this!

  6. When I look at these photographs, and I read the description, I personally don’t think it matters whether it was a prescribed fire or not. (As long as you didn’t go burn up a forest just for the purpose of this assignment!!) Realistically, wild fires happen all of the time in our country. I think the work is strong either way (prescribed or not), it’s like a documentary assignment I just finished for my class — your photos are telling a story, a tragedy, then the little bit of life despite the dark empty surroundings. Life will prevail! Do you have any more of this series posted anywhere?

  7. I would like to see more photos in this series. The photograph that focuses on the fires aftermath was powerful, yet the focus on the re growth of life after destruction was beautiful. It would be interesting to see photographs of this same area taken a year after the fire.

  8. I really enjoy these two images as a diptych. The message is very blatantly obvious, the destruction of fire on forests. But that new life will occur. It’s an on going process of death and re/new birth that takes place all the time. I can fore-see a series coming from this, whether being a natural disaster, human caused or any other, and being placed next to an image that comes after the terrible image.

  9. Rebirth is the first word I get from these images. Great use of different perspective the close in on the growth and the wide view of the devastation. The cloud of smoke helps pull my eye through the top image. I wish for the sake of showing how destructive fires can be that you would have chosen an area that looked completely dead the top image still has leaves and shows life.

  10. The new growth in the bottom image changes what would have been a feeling of despair to something that is far more hopeful. Great work on bringing our the soft green tones of the seedlings and separating them from the dark background.

  11. Your second photograph gives off a strong feeling of rebirth after death. The composition is well balanced between these two elements. The first photograph is not as strong, it lacks the focus of the first and does not give a strong sense of life and death like the second.

  12. Both pictures are gorgeous. I prefer the second one due to the message that can be learned from it: rebirth. It’s nice to see life coming from something that some would believe to bring only death and darkness.

  13. The second photo really catches my attention. The new growth looks so fresh in all the ash and mud. Its so subtle. I love it.

  14. These photos do a great job in capture the fires, even if there isn’t fire in them. The 2 images work great together and show the effect of the fires in a smart way. It is a good idea to convey things in both a broad and personal way like you did.

  15. These are very visually striking photographs and they also seem to be making a statement against towards the prevention of forest fires. The second shot is more hopeful and I think the green against the ashy background is very aesthetically pleasing.

  16. I enjoy the symbolism that the pictures infer, basically the circle of life and rebirth after death. Would love to see some photos of the actual fire, and a close up on the grass through the scorched dirt. The more green on black you have the more striking the second image may become.

  17. I enjoy the concept and the images you photographed. However, I think that there should be some sort of message that you want to imply with these photos. Why did you take pictures of this prescribed fire? How do you want these photos to affect us? I get the feeling that you are against these fires but I think you could further imply your intended message.

  18. Strong message and concept! These are well executed and i think easily read by viewers. Your color balance is flawless and your depth of field appropriate. I enjoy the bottom image the most, something about how that grass is popping up despite all that has burned around it; very inspiring image.

  19. I like the concept that you are conveying through this pictures. They really show the concept of fire distraction and the pictures are focused beautifully and the smoke in the top really catches my eye. I like how the bottom photograph shows that even though everything around it is destroyed there is still a chance for this plant.

  20. I really like the order of these photos. One is destruction and death and the other is the beginning of a new life. I also enjoy how the first one isn’t of a fire, but of the smoke remaining. I feel like it captures the ‘mood’ of the photo better than fire would have.

  21. Both images are quite powerful as stand-alone images, however, with both together the artist has created such a story. The seedlings fighting their way towards the soil surface give a nostalgic feeling of sorts – the plants have hope, even after the destruction of everything around them. I love the color choices and the simplicity – excellent photos.

  22. The smoke in the top photo is a nice way to lead your eye across the page, however, the image is not as intriguing as the small patch of green grass surrounded by burnt ground. The pop of color and texture that surrounds is very interesting.

  23. I love how the second image really shows the benefits of prescribed fires. As an ecology major we study the necessity of these and I think photography is a strong way to get the reasons for these actions out there.

  24. The top photo is a lot more interesting than the bottom image. I also find them to be a little bit dark. There is, however, an atmosphere created by the choices you have made while composing these images.

  25. I really like this concept, something being destroyed and burnt to the ground allowing for loire and rebirth to take place. I feel that your second image with the life sprouting from the ashes could have had more of an impact. With a different angle, maybe lower to the ground, showing that even though its just a few blades a grass, they really are bigger and more important than you think.

  26. I get a sense of the woods is burnt down without the description, seeing the smoke and dark ground. The second picture is a great capture. If I were taking that photo, I’d position the camera even lower.

  27. I would like to see more of these images. The first photograph really captures the aftermath and is powerful in showing the destruction. The second photograph feels more powerful but in an uplifting way. I really enjoyed the composition and the concept.

  28. I love the concept here, the emotional idea that once something devastating happens, time will always allow another chance to grow and rebuild. I do think that more diverse images would strengthen this series

  29. These are really beautiful! They have a strong message that you need damage to grow. The bottom image is really strong with that green standing out.

  30. The concept here is very well and the story being told is very nice. These pictures are very beautiful and sends a strong message. The green in the bottom picture really sticks out and draws my eyes in. The tons and contrast work very well and look great!

  31. The contrast here between the green, alive elements and the burned, dead ones send a powerful message to the viewer. The smoke in the top image helps lead the eye into the rest of the photo, and makes for a dynamic composition.

  32. The bottom photo, though simple, has its own powerful message on how nature tends to persevere and can go off the rails, even when we intervene to have it grow to our standards. The bright green helps this concept, especially against the muddy color of the ashes and dirt on what looks like a freshly burned area. The top photo feels surreal due to the smoke, and both photos have a good setting for the serious moodiness that can arise from burning plant life to keep it under control.

  33. Love the pictures! It makes you ponder everything destructive that we as humans have done and but also leaves a bit of mystery that is up to personal interpretation of the viewer to determine their own thoughts. Both pictures are simple but have a big meaning behind it. Good work!

  34. I really like both of these! I feel like the colors in the first one could be a little brighter, but then again maybe that adds to the effect of the picture. I really like the little pop of color in the second one. It reminds me that these prescribed fires are a good thing and can still lead to life. The texture is really awesome in the mud too.

  35. I think the second photo is made stronger when it’s next to the first. While the first photo is showing smoke in the woods, the second is focused in a small green plant that seems to represent hope.

  36. I think your image of the grass emerging from the burnt ground is outstanding! It aligns with how you described the series and I think the brightness of the green against the dark contrast is nice. However, I almost wish the grass was a bit closer so that we could see more its details in the photo.

  37. I think you captured the cycle of life in a forest really well. The first image’s composition is very intriguing when compared to the second that is more focused on one subject matter. I like the theme that was explored here a lot.

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