17 thoughts on “Lauren Barr”

  1. This is interesting work. I like how you’ve shown the natural beauties that Florida has to offer like palm trees, but also some of the realness that’s going on. It has some cool aspects for sure.

  2. Really nice, crisp pictures! I agree; I like the combination of nature and industry in the photos. I also feel that they are really well cropped to balanced compositions. On a computer screen, the photos seem a bit busy, though I’m sure they look better when at the real size, so that the viewer can see more detail.

  3. Both of the pictures are clear and have a nice tonal range. When looking at these pictures I feel a sense of decay because of the different machinery parts that are scattered and rusting. It’s as if man has forgotten about his work and nature is starting to break down what doesn’t belong and reclaim the space.

  4. These pictures perfectly capture the correlation of nature vs. industry. I love how you captured the gritty, dirtiness of the machinery. The pictures are crisp and I am having a hate/love relationship with how much you decided to include within the frame on the second picture, but it does depict the environment.

  5. Great focus and depth of field on both photos. I love how open the compositions are. The concept of political and environmental landscape is interesting and you found an appealing way to express it through photos. The rusted, dirty and old machinery contrasts so well with the clean look to the photograph and the beautiful natural plant life in the back. What I get from these photos is that by putting the plant life in the background, it makes them second in line of importance compared to technology we have today. Great photos!

  6. I think the color palette in these pieces are very industrial, and therefore compliment the content well. The dusty blues and rusty browns add a distinct grungy feel to the work. Compositionally, I think the top image is more successful than the bottom. The bottom photo is quite horizontal and could possibly be stronger with some of the angular qualities that the top one holds. As a series, I also feel the pieces could have an even stronger connection if the point-of-view was the same in both images. The bottom seems to be shot from higher than eye level, while the top seems directly at eye level.

  7. both of your pictures are very strong and the subject is unique. I was drawn to it because its not something you see in everyday photography. i really like the palm trees amongst the tough subject matter, its rather contradictory, but youve managed to make it work. both photos are very clear and the landscaping is cool in the second with the clouds in the backround.

  8. I like both of your pictures but I find the one at the top more intriguing because I like the fans. I like the shape and patterns they make. I like the color scheme, how the rusts and yellows work together. The bottom one reminds me of the Stephen King story when all of the trucks take over because of a cosmic gas. I really like big work equipment and find it interesting it is what attracted me the picture and how I wish my pictures would come out this clear and good.

  9. Both pictures are very visually interesting due to the complexity of the objects framed. Great choice of framing and the lighting really ties all the objects together. Nothing is too illuminated really making it seem like a landscape.

  10. The contrast between the colorful, organic subject matter (trees and shrubbery) mixed with the cold, industrial objects brings nice tension to the photo.

  11. Both of these photos have interesting compositions and drew me in right away. The industrial vs. natural aspects compliment each other nicely and also create an interesting contrast. Colors and focus are really spot on.

  12. From these images, I get a message that machines have limits. We rely so much on them, but they still fail, just as humans do. The dirty colors help relay this message, and the compositions keep the eye moving.

  13. I love the variation of the depth of field in each of these images. For the first image, you have a very short depth of field, which I think was a good choice because the information in the background is not as important to the viewer and would be distracting if it was in focus. On the other hand, you have a very long depth of field for the second image. This was also a good choice because some of the information in the background is more pleasing to the eye than that in the foreground.

  14. I love how you captured the palm trees in the background, it really shows the two sides of a type of environment. People can picture Florida as this paradise, but there is real industry going on there too. Great job!

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