Florida State University

Alicia Sheerwood



Alicia Sheerwood
ART 4928: Political and Environmental Landscape Advance Workshop
Digital Prints, 8.5″ x 11″
2 images

These images are apart of a series of my concentration. The focus is generally on how many inner- city resident are living without a purpose… Many do not see it a need to take care of the environment around them. Lack of education and knowledge of the present state of our world causes a disruption in their community.

46 thoughts on “Alicia Sheerwood”

  1. I came to this webpage expecting to have to dig for a photo that I really liked. To my surprise this colorful photo on the main page caught my eye instantly. I love the vibrancy of the colors that leave me a little on edge. Especially the juxtoposition of red and green. I also enjoy the harsh lines and contrasting colors on the left, that really pop, fuzing into the soft moody colors of blue on the right. It’s a very crisp and interesting photo!

  2. I really like your use of color in these 2 photographs. The inorganic and organic are brought together through their red vibrancy. They both also have geometric patterns within them. I almost wish there were a little blue or green or whatever that is in the top photo in the second one to tie them together even more. Nicely done!

  3. Beautiful use of color in both of these. The red is so confrontational, and is an interesting contrast to the subject matter, which feels like little forgotten moments of beauty within the ugliness of the city. There is also a nice play with angles in both images. The top one has these fantastic intersecting planes and angles in the plants and the corner of the fence, which kind of highlights the idea of the flash of beauty in spite of the awkwardness, the roughness. The harsh vertical and horizontal lines in the second highlight the austerity and solemnness of a place who’s better times have already been seen.

  4. I enjoyed the use of colors in both of these photographs. Although I think the first one is slightly stronger composition wise, they both effectively use color. The colors in the first photograph are so vibrant, I was immediately drawn to it. In the second photograph the red really pops out at the viewer. However, I feel like the lines within the composition are competing with each other.

  5. I love pictures with color and I think the color really pops out in these two photos. The bright colors draw my eye. However, I feel like there is too much going on in the first photo. Your eye is drawn to the color, but then confused as to what the object is beside it.

  6. I love the strong color and tones in these photos. Though different, both have great compositional character. I love the lines and the way you framed the photo in the second one. I also think you did a great job catching the short depth of field in the first one.

  7. On the second image: I really like the geometric shapes of how everything is in blocks, and then the staircase has some 45 degree angles. Props for pulling out such a surprising amount of depth for being so far back and having such a flat surface. I feel that it could be helpful or interesting to have maybe a person or something clad in the same red color in order to offset the geometric shapes with an organic one while still keeping the same color palette.

  8. I love the v-shaped composition of the first photograph and the vibrant colors in the hat, flower and background that compliment eachother and make the objects pop. The textures are also really interesting and make you want to look further at the picture and what the situation is that is being photographed.

  9. I’m not sure if I would’ve grasped the concept without the explanation, but it’s a really interesting idea. I like how there are areas with bright color in both the pictures, especially how the red pops. Both are really eye-catching images that work well together.

  10. I really enjoy the first picture, very interesting color and composition. The second one is a bit bland and lacks an interesting focal point.

  11. I agree with the comment above that the color and composition of the first image really draws you into the photograph. Yet, the second one is missing the “shock factor”. The first image pulls together the interest in the viewer. I wanted the second image to have the vibrant red like the first! Overall very attractive pieces of work.

  12. This photo has good color and composition. I enjoy the simple patterns created by the abandoned architecture in the second photo. Technically I feel that the shadow on the top of the image takes away from the stairs and the door and the fact that the wall is so light on the bottom, it is almost reversed. Some constructive criticism would be to maybe frame the composition slightly differently to cast the main subjects in a more direct focus. Other than that great picture!

  13. out of the two images i really like the second one but i don’t love the first one. I like the simplicity of the second one and the color of the stairs and door are great against the wall, the shadow also gives an eerie feeling. I feel like the top one doesn’t have a strong focal point because even though the plants are the most in focus, the other object is so close and just as big so it competes for the focal point and is distracting, my eye doesn’t really know where to look.

  14. The color in the top photo is simply astounding. The lighting too is very delicate and fills the photo nicely. Compositionally, I feel like the photo is split in half. Maybe the image could be even stronger if it were cropped more either to the right or left.

  15. I enjoy he use of color in these photographs especially in the first photography using the compliments red and green. The stairs in the second photograph really come forward and emerge from the background, it looks great.

  16. I like the red accents in each photo. They are vibrant against otherwise drab backgrounds and pop out from their surroundings. I think the one on top does this slightly more successfully than the one on the bottom.

  17. I am really attracted to the bottom image of the two. I agree with your composition choice and the use of space is working well with the photograph. The photograph has a very urban and industrial feeling to it and would make for an outstanding computer background shot!

  18. These subjects are so different to each other, yet completely fit together. I think it may be the red that tie them together so well, I would suggest using bright red in every picture for the series! Very pretty

  19. This photograph has BEAUTIFUL composition. The two subjects are linked together immediately by the fact that the human eye reads right to left. So I look at the stairs and follow it into the picture towards the red door. The fact that the door and the stairs are the same color link them together even more. Brilliant.

  20. I am particularly drawn to the color intensities in these images. I love the bright red against both the green and the tan. The composition of the second photograph is very much what I enjoy – horizontal lines geometrically breaking the image top to bottom, with opposing subjects that challenge the horizontal. Love these.

  21. I really enjoy the color schematic in the bottom picture. The red really makes the composition pop and come alive. Great composition and I really enjoy the flow in your photographs.

  22. The color red is really strong in both of these images. I think it is important element that enhances the overall composition. I would consider making red a common theme.

  23. The complementary colors make the image vibrate, it adds energy and really makes me focus in on the subject of your image. I also enjoy the simplicity of the second image, its very clean and the texture of the wall with the red stairs and wall makes my eyes move from one object to the other.

  24. The color on these really stands out, as everyone is saying. Great compositions, I love your idea and I’d like to see more of what the effects are in the areas you’re talking about.

  25. The juxtaposition of the natural world with the built environment is a powerful way to illustrate your concept. Incorporating both of these landscapes in one image would further this dichotomy while potentially allowing you to directly illustrate humanity’s environmental disregard and the consequent disruptions. Well done; great color correction and, particularly in the second image, near grid-like composition.

  26. The color in these images is striking. The difference between the super saturated greens and reds from your natural elements in the first image provide a powerful contrast to the dirty colors of the other objects, which really conveys your theme very well. The shadow in the second image is also a powerful element, and works well with the constrained color palette.

  27. I love how vibrant the colors are in both of these images. The composition of the lines are clean and well cut. I love the array of textures seen throughout.

  28. I like how the focus of the first picture is on the plant in the foreground rather than the object in the background. The bright colors and focus draw your eye to the plant, and the contrast of the greens and reds is really great too. In the second picture, the pop of color adds a good focus point to an otherwise monochrome picture. I really like how you framed the picture and the shadows in the second one.

  29. I really love the composition of the images. The colors in the images are very strong and you have a nice color scheme going on. I also really enjoy the vantage point in both images. Great pictures!

  30. The red color in these photos pop and draws the viewers attention in. I like how the color makes me look into the photo deeper.

  31. I really enjoyed the first picture of the flower. I love how you chose to use a low apature to make the focus on the flower, with the back of the picture out of focus and blurry. It makes the flower stand out and draws my eye to it. I also like the second picture and how the red contrasts with the other colors in the picture.

  32. I really love your second picture. The red just pops so beautifully and contrasts with the other colors. The shade offered a unique texture to the photo. I enjoy how simple the photo is it really captures the setting. Great job.

  33. I think you did a really good job with the color in these photos. In the first photo, the contrast between the red and green is very beautiful and vibrant in a natural looking way. The subjects are crisp and in focus and pleasing toward the eye. The second photo stands out because of it’s composition and the way the red balances on both sides of the photo.

  34. I love the red colors brought out in both of these images. They are very balanced in each photo and I also thought the vantage point was good.

  35. I love that second picture the the door and the staircase. The way you lined up the composition so that the red stairs lead the viewers eye right to the red door works so well especially since they both stand out so well against the beige brick!

  36. I love your use of strong colors in each of the pictures. You also have similar colors throughout each picture and it makes your eye bounce from one subject to the next. Your use of lone work is also amazing: how the bricks are perfectly lined with the ground and there is no tilt. I like that the staircase kind of cuts through the order and adds a little chaos.

  37. The vibrancy of these photos is spectacular! The accents of red make both photos pop. I also appreciate the composition of the photos. The rule of thirds is followed, which allows the eye to flow naturally across the photo. Especially in the photo with the door, where the staircase appears to lead right to the door! Finally, I appreciate the texture in both photos. The details of the plant are clear in the first photo, and the bricks in the second photo stand out. Well done!

  38. I love these two photos together because of the contrast. They show two different views of the world, but the first photo still looks like urban living. The colors are so bright and energetic, and the statement below does a great job of explaining your purpose.

  39. I really like the subject matter and how the inorganic was mixed with the organic aspects of people’s lives. We don’t always see the effects we make when it comes to these effects so this was really interesting as a main focus.

  40. The second image is powerful in terms of its color, organization and sense of your subject matter. The red allows for great symbolism that ties into your series objective well. The lighting and shadows enhance the feeling of emptiness yet feeling like there’s someone there. This photo is aesthetically pleasing and does a lot for viewers.

  41. Both of these images caught my attention with the bright red details. I think that the way you were able to make the brightest colors placed in perfect position to be the focal points is very powerful and affective. I like as well how the images have a lot of detail and further things to look at once the bright focal points draw you in.

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