St. Cloud State University

Blake Weld

10″ x 20″

Blue-collar workers are sometimes forgotten on the struggles they go through on a daily bases. Some struggles could include loss of fingers or even loss of a job. This man is one that has lost both, fingers and his career. Luckily he has learned to get over those life bumps and pursed forward. For me it is something that all should take into consideration. When life seems at its worst, push on cause tomorrow is a new day.

10″ x 15″

This is something that i have never seen before. Actually i see it all the time but what i really never see is people taking care of their own trash.

Blake Weld
ART 307: Intermediate Photography
color prints

4 thoughts on “Blake Weld”

  1. I think that you have two great ideas that you could go a lot further with. It would be interesting to see portraits of many different blue-collar workers. One thing that I would suggest to make your viewers realize the subject without even reading your statement is to take the photos of workers in their uniforms (this could really get interesting!). I think that the uniform tells a lot about the person and their job – is it really dirty? Really ugly? Does it fit? You could even start a conversation with the photos about women’s uniforms vs. mens (a really short skirt that makes the job more difficult, or everyone has to wear unflattering men’s-styled pants, for example.) The second image could become an interesting series as well, expanding on how annoying it is that people won’t walk the extra two feet to the garbage can, or go further with the trash surrounding the sign, or even garbage surrounding a garbage can! Overall, both could become really interesting projects.

  2. Perhaps a suite of several blue collar workers’ hands would be interesting to see. It would be nice to see different age ranges.

  3. Your subject matter is very interesting and I like the use of selective focus to draw attention specifically to the hands in photo one and the trash and sign in photo two.

  4. Im a huge fan of the second photo of the sign. This is something I myself have thought about so many times. Pollution in our world is a tragic issue. It is saddening to see that people take advantage of our earth. The empty water bottle and trash lying around the sign that asks disk golfers to clean up their trash is just pathetic. I really like the message of this photograph.

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