5 thoughts on “Dan Wieczorek”

  1. Getting close to a subject is surprisingly harder than it sounds, especially with a wide angle lens, because of distortion and properly controlling the foreground.
    Though the sky on the second picture is rather over exposed and thus the subject underexposed, I think the subject in the middle ground has a strange relationship with the patterns of the foreground, the street, has been captured well.

  2. What is most interesting of the second photograph, is the detail of the pebbles. What wonderful color!
    although the turtle is your subject I think it interrupts the flow of the composition. You’ve captured some unseen beauty here, It would be interesting to see more images of this location!

  3. The second photo is interesting because of the contradictions with in it.

    I feel as though at any point in time some type of motor vehicle can come by and end the little turtles life, and yet the turtle is taking its time getting across the road to the best of it’s ability. Almost as if it has a certain inner piece that surpasses the obvious danger.

    I also like the contrast in texture concerning the bumpy and roughness of the road compared to the smooth overall shape of the turtles shell.

  4. I like the composition. I feel that you could of done a little more with the lighting to make this a very strong project.

  5. I really love the second image and its composition. The horizon line an the way that its parallel to the turtles shell brings a strong sense of composition, and gives you a deeper sense of foreground middle ground, and background.

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