St. Cloud State University

Jacob Bartush



Jacob Bartush
ART 306 Intermediate Photography 1
Color 35 mm Prints
12″ x 15″ and 22″ x 6″

These images are from an assignment to capture something you have lost and something you have never seen before. These images are not photographs of something I have literally lost or never seen, but otherwise metaphors for the subject. My working with metaphors, I leave some ambiguity to the image which i believe is more interesting for the viewer.

6 thoughts on “Jacob Bartush”

  1. I like the way you have decided to approach the assignment– after seeing the way that others (who I assume are from your class) have done the assignment, your approach seems quite different. Both these images are very interesting to my eye and are fun to explore. I can imagine they are even more interesting to view at your intended scale. Nice work with these images!

  2. I love how the short depth of field in the lower photo creates a sense of ambiguity. I am immediately drawn into what is happening in the center of the photo, but my eyes continue to the foreground and back into the center again, it definitely keeps me interested.

  3. I agree with Sarah’s comment. I would add also, that the top image feels like a political commentary because most of the cars are red, white, and blue.

    are you thinking about anything specific in this photograph? lost faith? lost comfort? lost ignorance? gained realism?

    Great work!

  4. I agree with your artist statement. Both photos are very well executed and bring about a new look to your described assignment. I most certainly wouldn’t have thought of constructing it the way you did.

    I Feel as though i need to go exploring in both pictures which fits because the first picture… “Dude, where’s my car”. The second picture “My freakin keys dropped to the other side of this whole, & I cant see them”

  5. Without even reading your statement, my eyes were caught by the second image. I feel like that is really strong on its own and incredibly interesting. The cars almost seem like too “normal” of a picture, and being so much smaller gives me less motivation to examine it. Overall though, very neat approach to that assignment.

  6. I am very drawn in, to the bottom photograph. The composition and colors are wonderful. It makes me want to look deeper into the picture and see the hidden story behind it.

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