U of Wisconsin, Madison

Jena Schleis



Jena Schleis
ART 576: Advanced Photography
Digital Prints
Size is yet to be determined
Goal: 20 images in final series

This is just the beginning of a series that I intend to explore the rest of the semester. I am curious about blending the human body into dominant shape and color compositions. I thought about working in pairs or triptychs based on shape or color.

Kellogg Community College

Chad Ruhl



Chad Ruhl
Art 295: Photo & Multimedia Spec Topics documentary photography
Digital and 35mm; 13″ x 19″

This was our “One Object” assignment, The one object I used was a foot to what may have very well have been a lizard. Foot was found on Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras.

Cleveland State University

Kate Shelton


Kate Shelton
ART 432: Photo III
Digital Print; 18″ x 24″
Part 1 in a series of 6

This image is taken from a semester long project portraying a modernization of catholic saints inspired by the imagery shown on prayer cards. Shown is the first in the series, St. Christopher, the Patron Saint of travel, shot with an infrared lens. I thought of including a halo, but thought it looked to blatant/cheesy.