8 thoughts on “Jaclyn Nussbaum”

  1. Wow… Love the concept, and it was executed well. Each photo can stand alone as far as your series is concerned. Good job

  2. I like your concept, and I think you portray it well in the top photo (although it might be too literal), but the bottom photo probably can’t stand alone without the artist statement. There is no evidence within the photograph that those cookies are vegan. Think about creating your own “food,” without photoshop, so that your concept makes more sense.

  3. I agree with Peter.
    “Are those carrots or fingers?” It is an interesting photo, but did not expect to see cooking on the next one. I would want to eat the cookies, but not those ‘carrots.’ I am getting some really eerie feelings about those ‘finger-carrots.’

  4. I think the finger food is very interesting and a little creepy as well. The cookies are photographed nicely but have a completely different feel from the finger food. If you did something with the M&M’s or had something tricky going on with the cookies, it would make the 2 photos go together better. I just kept looking for something hidden within the cookies like the finger food was.

  5. The top image is very interesting for me to look at. I agree with some other comments about it doesn’t appear that there’s anything special about the cookies, and no way to know that they’re vegan without you giving the description.
    For me, the top image is interesting, because it makes me wonder why there’s bunches of fingers tied together. After reading comments and looking closer, I can see the carrots – but initially I just noticed the bunches of fingers – and it made me wonder why there’s bunches of fingers, and what an interesting concept that is. I’d be interested to see more of this series.

  6. I love the concept behind these pieces. At first glance the top one does look just like carrots but then you spot wrinkles and fingernails and realize that it’s actually fingers, which for me anyways, creeped me out a bit, but in a good way. It makes you want to study the piece more and grasp how it was done and why. The title adds a whole other element to it as well. I do agrees with other though and feel something strange should be going on in the second one to tie in with the first one.

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