U of Wisconsin, Madison

Jordan Anderson



Jordan Anderson
Art 476: Intermediate Photography
Digital Prints ; 13″ x 19″

My Series tentatively titled “Trespass” consists of beauty normally overlooked in everyday life. paint, metal, concrete, brick and rust often form the most interesting compositions in places we don’t normally see or dare to tread.

9 thoughts on “Jordan Anderson”

  1. the colors you used really work well for the beauty you are trying to evoke. i really like how abstract the compositions are because it fits your goal and works well with the colors. the only problem i see is that you cant tell what material you are looking at. i would really like to see other pieces of the series in order to completely say that though. good job.

  2. The composition in these photos works very well. I like how you cannot see what the object is, but instead see the only detail of colors and textures. Not being able to identify what the object is helps add to the quality of it being overlooked.

  3. Jordan, I have looked at these two pictures several times now, and I still cannot figure out what the objects are! I love the composition, and the abstract feel from these. I have done similar work myself, so I am drawn to it. (Although I hated the first abstract assignment I was given!) I love the texture and depth of field in the second photograph. Are you willing to share with us what these are photographs of?!? Great job composing these pictures, are they both done with natural light, or is there any artificial light involved?

  4. I also like that fact that you cannot identify the object. These have an other worldly feel to me. I can’t judge the scale either which lets my imagination run between microscopic and interstellar.

  5. I think if I knew what they really are in true life it would ruin the feel I get for these intense colors and abstractions!! Don’t tell!!! (sorry guys)
    These could be paintings or photographs of outer space or what ever. It is the composition and beauty of not knowing that makes it worth wanting to hang it up some where and just enjoy it and allow my imagination to do it’s own thing. (I am a photorealist painter myself) so this is a true complement on my part!!!! I never like abstraction! Great job on making the realistic a beauty in abstraction.

  6. I love when there is beauty even in the most unexpected places. I think you capture it well with these two shots. The colors of very vibrant and interesting to look at. I especially enjoy the top one with the blue and what looks like a bit of burnt orange rust. You can’t tell what the object is or where you found it but the beauty is still there.

  7. I really appreciate the painting-like quality of these photos. The vibrant colors were captured really well and it does leave you wondering what these objects are. The abstract compositions work really well with your theme of giving an artistic viewpoint of things we overlook usually. nice job!

  8. The color in these photographs is so eye catching. They are beautiful. I love the idea of art in unexpected places. I want to know what these things are. But I like the abstractness of them at the same time. I would like to see more of your work, I’m sure this is an amazing set of photographs

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