Western Michigan University

Justin Lackey



Justin Lackey
ART 3480: Photography II
Digital Prints; 8.5″ x 10″
Part of series of 8 images

My current interests is capturing artificial light at night. I find it very interesting when trying to balance the light of an image back to white how much variation there is in the nighttime world. It makes me feel like the world we are seeing at night is actually all artificial because of the many different lights combining into what we see.

7 thoughts on “Justin Lackey”

  1. Your first photograph really defines your concept. I love how the lighting sweeps across the fence; it really achieves the artificial quality of light at night. I am not sure if I feel the same way about the bottom photograph. The green of the building seems to be out of place. Maybe try experimenting with other colors and lighting similar to the first photograph

  2. I really dig the bottom photograph, I think including a bit more of the light source might help in making the two cohesive. But really, these are both great shots. Post more soon.

  3. I love these photos. I think they really enhance your concept. Is there more that one photo used to make the bottom image? It seems like the sky would have to be a different exposure that the walls but I could be wrong. The bottom image works better because the artificial light created is green witch is not a color you would expect so you might want to explore that idea further.

  4. I really like the abstract quality of the bottom photo. The use of lines and bright green wall are really interesting and different from the usual night shots I see.

  5. I absolutely love both of these photos. The light and colors in the first picture are very rich. I love that the whole picture is in focus and the detail is great. I also really like the way you framed the picture, compositionally. I love the abstract nature of the second photo. Again, the color is fabulous and the lines guide my eye well while viewing.

  6. You do a good job of capturing your thesis in interesting photographs. Both photos look very professional, well-lit, and well-composed. I especially like how blatantly artificial the color of the city lights are. The first photo is strongly backlit by a jarring yellow-orange, but the opposite color is reflected in the blue part of the fence. The second photo is yellow-green against a natural sky. These are both really fascinating photos.

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