Cleveland State University

Kate Shelton


Kate Shelton
ART 432: Photo III
Digital Print; 18″ x 24″
Part 1 in a series of 6

This image is taken from a semester long project portraying a modernization of catholic saints inspired by the imagery shown on prayer cards. Shown is the first in the series, St. Christopher, the Patron Saint of travel, shot with an infrared lens. I thought of including a halo, but thought it looked to blatant/cheesy.

11 thoughts on “Kate Shelton”

  1. I really enjoy the theme of this photo. I think that the composition works very well with the man centered in the frame with his mode of transportation. The infrared lens works nicely to capture the simple colors which give a strong sense of mimicking the feeling of the prayer cards. I agree with the choice of leaving out the halo because the glow around the figure works well enough to highlight him.

  2. I really like this concept, and would like to see the other photos in the series. I agree that the halo would have looked too cheesy. The figure has somewhat of an aura around them as it is, which at first makes the viewer wonder if it intentional, but then makes sense after reading the artist statement.

    Maybe include other small clues within the photograph that this person is representing a Saint so that the image isn’t completely reliant on the statement.

  3. At first glance, I thought that the person had a transparency about him, but then when looking longer, it is probably the washed out affect around him. This transparency did give me a spiritual feel to it even before I read the statement. For sure the Halo is too commonly used for religious themes. I also feel like the color is washed out a little and that is a good thing. It also give a different affect for your explanation.
    Seeing that I am not familiar with these cards, it may be good to incorporate other clues, like monica states, to us that do not know these cards and also so a statement is not the main way that a viewer gets their feelings about the work.

  4. WOW! What a concept. At first look, before reading your narrative, I was only focused on the motorcycle (a new love of mine.) I can say that I have seen thousands of prayer cards and this new take may inspire our youth to pick some up themselves. I look forward to seeing more of your work!

  5. HA HA, great concept. i think it’s a little humorous but very effective. the photo was taken very well. you have good color use and good texture in everything. the only issue for me is that it is a little centered. overall though, it’s brilliant. ugh, very good i wish i would have thought of this concept.

  6. I’m glad you didn’t use a halo! It would have been way too obvious, and it’s kind of fun to figure out what you’re doing, without the idea being shoved in your face. I would love to see more!

  7. This is an excellent concept, I love that you took it in such a satirical and kitschy direction, because any attempt at seriousness probably wouldn’t have yielded such a successful photo. I could go either way with the halo – i see why you left it out, but it’s already over the top, so why not just push it. the colors and his ridiculous stance kind of reinforce cheesiness already, but in a really great way. I’m very curious about the other images in the series.

  8. Nice touch with the low saturation it gives a ghost like appearance to the saint. I almost see a halo on the man from the bright white behind his head crated by the clouds. I don’t feel you need to add a halo to it its perfect the way it is. Great composition this is at a highly skilled level and I thoroughly enjoy looking at it.

  9. Nice concept, the juxtaposition of modern and historic elements is definitely easy to notice and understand. The complimentary contrast of the blue/orange hues also adds a nice touch. Including the halo might have been able to clarify the concept a little more, but if it didn’t look right then it was probably a good call to go without it. Nice work!

  10. I enjoy your use of color in this image. It seems you’ve desaturated much of the image while maintaining more hue in the subject and sky behind him.

    Was it your intention to leave the sky outlining his form lighter?
    it gives the impression of that “holy glow” found in so many paintings. intentional or not, nice touch.

  11. Really neat idea and I think you were very successful but perhaps make the idea more obvious so you do not have to read the statement. The glow around the saint is smart and works better at portraying holiness than a halo might.

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