14 thoughts on “Joan Wetherill”

  1. I like the work, and I think the compositions are working well. I also like the different textures you’ve found in the same flower, but I feel that the subject matter almost distracts from the point of your work – texture. Maybe think about getting closer to your subjects to gain a sense of abstraction… that way the texture becomes the main focus.

  2. I love these photos. Great use of lighting and depth of field. I like that they are not very saturated. I think that enhances the idea of the texture. I think sometimes less is more when it comes to color in photography. I would try to get a little more contrast out of the dead flower image. It could bring out the texture.

  3. I definitely see the textures but I also see two similar compositions one alive one dead. I wonder if you are trying to show life and death. is it about looking cool? is it about textures? or is about life and death? For me when I first saw this, I saw life and death.

  4. In these photos I see more of a comparison of life and death rather than an exploration of textures. It might be because they are much smaller than their original size, but maybe zooming in on just a part of the flower, rather than showing a few of them could help emphasize the texture in them.

  5. This seems really fun to compare the differences between the living and the dead in the life of a plant. I think the composition is great and i love the depth of field in the photo with the living flowers, they seem so real as if they are right in front of you, yet the blurred background reminds you its a photograph. It’s interesting to have such a close up of the dead flowers because you can see details you would probably never take the time to notice. Even though they are dead, there is still something beautiful about them. I’m glad there is not a distracting background as well. good job!

  6. I enjoy these pictures on their own, they do show great texture. But since you chose to put up a dead flower and a colorful flower I think it would be great to see a series of having two flowers next to each other comparing life and death or something else

  7. The texture and depth of field on both of these work really well and sort of give the flowers this etherial, slightly spooky vibe. I think the colors kind of make them feel like memories of what a flower looks like, not really a flower itself. The detail on the ridges of the petals in the second one is really crisp, good job.

  8. I really like these photos but I don’t think your explanation works with them as well as they do alone. The textures don’t seem to be the main focus. Rather the comparison of the dead flower with the living flower seems to be what I am concentrating on.

  9. I really like the concept and the idea behind these photos. I think the color contrast between the two is beautiful and I can almost hear the crunch from the dead flowers. Making both the pictures either horizontal or vertical, I think, would be more appealing.

  10. The comparison between life and death was evident in these two photographs but as a study of texture, I feel as if they could be composed to show closer detail. The dark background almost distracts my examination of the texture.

  11. I love your choice on depth of field in both images with the blurred edges and background. I see it but my focus is on the pedal detail. You did a sweet job with the the close up shot and making sure it didn’t have a shaky effect to it. It makes for a sweet diptych.

  12. Compositionally, both images are shot with a short depth of field, seem to float within the frame and extend beyond, and exude a hint of subdued color. Because of their similar compositions, you have made it easy for the viewer to compare both images and the different subjects shot. In contrast, the dead and living flowers are beautiful in their own way. They might represent something different to each viewer and are metaphorically strong.

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