Western Michigan University

Kyle Strace

Kyle Strace
Art 3480: Digital Photography
Digital Photographs; 13″ x 19″
Series of 20 Images

For this series I decided to portray the moment right before a prank happens. I started off photographing the moment before an event to capture “the decisive moment” but it evolved into a more light hearted and humorous approach. I would like to show the series in order from the more simple, to the harsher actions because pranks usually start off simple, but after several retaliations from those involved they are taken too far. This is an example from both categories.

7 thoughts on “Kyle Strace”

  1. I really love the concept behind these photos. They have a tension in them that really brings them to life. It must have taken a lot of effort to get the exact position when the tension of the moment is greatest. Great job!

  2. I’ve never seen images like these – I really enjoy them. I think the light heartedness is unexpected, and also, they made me laugh. Nice work! Composition wise I prefer the bottom one over the top one. I think it is funny to be so close to the persons ass, but I do not like the light and the other objects in the composition are not as interesting, or don’t seem intentional (aside from the whoopee cushion of course, which is hilarious). I think the more formal and beautiful you make the photographs, the funnier the subject will become. Thanks for sharing these – I look forward to seeing more!

  3. these are shot technically very well, perfectly in focus. The top one is shot conceptually well to with the angle you chose to use in it and the second one reminds me of a home alone scene. Both very playful, good work

  4. I dig the humorous approach within any form of art because art is fun and why not show some of your personality in your work. I also enjoy how much tension is in the photos. Every-time I see the whoopie cushion I just got to make a fart noise in my head

  5. The approach of going from light hearted jokes to more serious ones moves the viewer through the series. We’ve all probably have experienced some of them at sometime so we can connect to them which gets us involved. As you move along in the series however, we may not have experienced that but it brings up questions like why and what would I do if someone did that to me. Also, the playful feel to them is refreshing.

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