5 thoughts on “Vanessa Clifton”

  1. This is a difficult and interesting topic!
    With these two photographs however, the models’ gaze makes me feel uneasy. If these photographs are about the individual, its important to see the subject’s eyes (with the bottom photograph).

    with the top photograph, the angle bothers me: The man standing is very aggressive and dominating, whereas the man sitting is passive (because he is looking away) with that, it is not clear the photograph is about fashion and how it makes your subject feel. It would be nice to see these men individually and with a playfulness!

    These photographs read as models posing for a photo shoot- not individual people and their personal style. People dress to feel good, however, these men don’t look happy.

    This is a difficult topic to take on. Great start!

  2. The second picture is more attractive to me, because the color seem more accurate.
    The first picture however is too cool, or blue.
    Perhaps simple saturation may help.

    I personally find out door people photography exceptionally challenging as light condition changes and it is thus difficult to expose both the right skin tone and the scene.

  3. I love the images but they don’t speak to me of fashion. I get more of a feeling about the people and the expressions on their faces as you have captured convey feelings of separation and being lonely.
    Although I know that outdoor lighting is the most difficult to work with, I think that if you had used some sort of gobo on the second photo, you would have been able to eliminate some of the shadow.

  4. When I look at these photos, I get a sense of something being awry, as if the men are standing or sitting at the edge of an abyss, and I feel tension.
    But, from your introduction, I don’t think that is what you were wanting to portray. I think it’s the angles that are knocking me off balance.

  5. I love these photos! I especially love the second one- it could totally be an ad for gap. The capture of the expressions are great. I especially like the angle and the shadow lines in the second one as well. I think the first one would have been better with just one person. Individually both the men are captured well but together they seem a little out of place together.

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