24 thoughts on “Kahyl Stevenson”

  1. These are really well done. I especially like the second. The framing is perfect and I could easily see this in a fashion magazine. The first one is also really interesting but I find the shadow on his face a little distracting/too much. Nice job!

  2. Both are good examples of lighting. The first one looks like a standard silhouette lighting shot but the bottom one has a strange edge to it. I’m not sure what I think of it yet, or if I even like it, but it definitely made me look back and see what the hell is going on. Why does this girl look like she wants to have the appearance of scratching her eyes out? And simultaneously while holding a tiny coffee mug between her lips? It might be interesting to stretch this even farther and make the scenes look completely crazy (and the people’s interactions with objects). I look forward to seeing if you do anything further with this.

    1. Thank you for you comments, Patricia. The top one is lit with a light on either side of him; the bottom with an umbrella and a kicker to her back left.

      Conceptually, they’re pretty weak. For the male model, I was simply going for editorial-esque. The other was supposed to be coffee themed, and I immediately thought of David LaChapelle’s use of size, especially in the extremes. I didn’t go far with it, I know, but it’s a start.

      Again, thank you for your comments!

  3. These photos draw attention to themselves. They caught my eye immediately because of the dramatic lighting, make-up, and figures. They are pictures that are bound to be well received because of their cliche format and method of provoking emotion. I can easily imagine them being in a fashion magazine or on America’s Next Top Model.

    1. America’s Next Top Model is one of my FAVORITE shows–you couldn’t have made me happier! THANK YOU!

      In fact, my model’s styling was HEAVILY inspired by work I had seen on the show: it was a combination of make-up seen on Adrianne Curry from a cycle 1 shoot with a snake, and hair from a bird’s nest shoot at the end of cycle 12.

      Thanks again!

  4. I think you have a good eye for fashion photography…I really like your compositions. I feel that the lighting in the bottom photo is very effective for what you are trying to achieve, however I feel that the lighting in the top picture misses the mark a little. The lighting in the top photo has a really cool dramatic feel to it, but it seems to be highlighting all the wrong areas for a fashion photo. All the important “fashion” items (the gloves, coat, sunglasses) are in the shadows and are really hard to see. Unless you are selling the guys abs, I think it loses its effect as a fashion ad for a magazine. I think a slight adjustment on the lights is all you need…keep up the good work!

    1. You are so right, Koran! Save for a few highlighted areas, the jacket, glove, and glasses are nearly silhouetted. I TOTALLY missed the mark!

      I’d reckon I got stuck in a rut with the lighting–the last shoot I had with this gentleman was a bodyscape of sorts where I used the light to give him definition.

      Thanks for setting me straight and reminding me what fashion is REALLY about!

  5. Both of these photos have the ability to carry so much expression with them. Not only do the models each have their own attitudes, but the way that each is framed really emphasizes the state that the model is in. I love the makeup on the second one–it really pulls the viewer into the image.

  6. I agree with the previous comments, the lighting, framing and pretty much all technical aspects are right on. I absolutely love the bold color on the female model’s eyes and the only thing i wish is that the lighting in the first photo would bring out that same color more distinctly in the male model’s glasses.

  7. i really like how the figures take up most of the photo and the way they go off the page, particularly with the top one. they keep my eye moving.

  8. I think the bottom photo is particularly successful, I love how bold it is. One thing that I’m curious about is the significance of the tea cup in the woman’s mouth. I really enjoy it even though I don’t understand its intended purpose. I think that’s what prevents the photo from being pure fashion photography, it presents us with another element, which I like very much.

  9. Both of these images have an excellent dynamism to them, and your use of light is really admirable. The second photo is by far my favorite, though- the positioning of the hands brings all of the disparate elements together for me, and you have used paint over the eyes to a great effect by popping those inside highlights.

  10. I really enjoy your photographs because of the compositions of the subjects and the dramatic lighting make them very interesting to look at. I think that these could be found in any fashion magazine. The only suggestions for improvement would be that the lower image is a little blown out on her arms and the reflections in his sunglasses are distracting. But great job!

  11. Very well done. I like how crisp and white the background is on the top image. The lighting works well with the top image. The shadows that are created tell more of a story about the subject. Nicely done.

  12. I really like the second image. The lighting is perfect and the model is positioned well. It has an excellent dynamic. The first image is ok, I just think the shadow across his face is to strong and would be more successful without it. I like the detail of the girl holding a cup in her mouth but I would like to know the significance behind it.

  13. I like the these two fashion photographs. I think that the top one has some distracting shadows on the face however. I like the body language in the bottom photo. I would like to know, however why the little mug in her mouth?

  14. The images are very well done. I think I could see them in a fashion magazine. The only thing that I don’t get is the cup in the girls lips in the second image.

  15. Great composition and capture of your subjects. The only issue with the first one is that it is a bit to dark on areas of your subject. I feel you have a future in fashion photography! Great images and ideas! Focus is great!

  16. the lighting in these photos is incredibly striking. these look like ads straight out of a fashion magazine. beautiful job in capturing a particular mood in each piece, and excellent use of shadows in the first image to illuminate the man’s physique.

  17. These photos are both very striking. I especially like how you framed the second photo it makes it even more dramatic. I really like the lighting on the face of the man in the first photo, it makes the photo really dynamic. The woman’s makeup adds a lot to the photo as well.

  18. The first thought I had when I saw these photos was somewhere along the lines of high fashion; the lighting, hair, clothing and poses all create that vibe.
    The prop in the second photo (the tiny mug) is interesting. It makes me wonder ‘why is it there, what is its purpose, does it mean anything?’
    The focus and lighting in your photos is incredible. Good work!

  19. The bottom image is really fantastic. The posing, lighting, makeup, and expression all create a really interesting portrait. It’s obviously very editorial style, and it’s very well done.

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