17 thoughts on “Carissa Probst”

  1. I really enjoy the abstract qualities that both these photos have–You can tell what you’re taking the picture of but at the same time it’s not exactly what the eye sees. The addition of the diagonal lines provides an interesting contrast and tension to the circular frame…very interesting photos!

  2. These images are just plain fun! 🙂 I really appreciate the playfulness of the “fish eye lens” effect, the vibrant colors, the tensions between abstract and realistic, as well as all the little details! I think the way to push this photography further is to pay closer attention to, and be more meticulous with, the details in your image. Be very aware of the buildings outside of (what appears to be a car’s windshield) and what meanings and messages those communicate, as well as the composition they create within the image. Also, because these are shot through a car, be mindful of the reflections in the mirrors (you could definitely do some fun things with what sorts of things appear in the mirrors of the car). The fishnet texture in the forefront of the photograph also adds to the fun and playful element. I would love to hear more about the concept behind the images!

  3. i love the fish eye lens. I love how you made everyday car ride viewing fun and abstract and the play on vibrant colors. The net in front of the lens adds this weird feeling of being kind of confide. Overall these images are amazing.

  4. I think the use of perspective in these photographs is what gives them their strength. I like the somewhat muted overall color of the photographs. There isn’t a clear narrative to these photographs, however there is certainly a mood and I feel as though I can grasp a theme. I think these are successful and I think that you should pursue this as a series.

  5. Great idea. The old style of the dashboard really brings the photo up a notch, as opposed to the same photo in a newer car with a bright, digital dashboard. It works well with the whole concept.

  6. the effect is interesting, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything done quite like that and with art that is almost impossible to say. It almost looks like lomography (I’m not sure if I spelled that correctly). The colors are vibrant and fun.

  7. Both of these really draw me in. I caught myself getting awkwardly close to my monitor. I wish the images within the frame where a little sharper. Maybe try using a wider depth of field? But great concept. Would be great images to make mural size.

  8. I like the concept of shooting a scene through a reflection though I would like to see the actual scene in the reflection to be cleared and more sharp. The subject matter is very interesting and keeps the attention of the viewer to figure out what the reflective surface is of.

  9. I really like both these images. I can see how they fit together in a series and I like the laid back retro feeling it portrays. The only thing I would consider changing is the border I think that if the image were to go all the way to the border it would be more interesting, I know the camera setting probably makes it a little harder to do this but it would be well worth the time!

  10. These are interesting images. I am able to tell what some of the things in them are, but their is a lot of things going on and it is a little distracting.

  11. I like that the viewers can see some of the subject matter of the images and can only guess about the rest of the objects and environment. These images are very intriguing and leave me investigating them for a long time.

  12. Very fun and interesting images. The idea and concept is very nice. The use of deepth of field, with the net and distant background is very interesting. Haven’t seen something like this before. Although I feel like both pictures are too simalar, needs some variety within the concept.

  13. I feel the images are a little too noisy. The fish-eye lens coupled with the fish-netting (though a funny play on words) and all of the other foreground and background subjects leaves the eye with no real direction to follow.

  14. I love fisheye photos. I feel that it really compliments the feeling of the fences and the feeling of being trapped. The fish hanging from your mirror is a nice touch as well.

  15. I enjoy the abstract qualities of these images. Its a different way to put things in perspective. You can tell what is being photographed, and it is intriguing that you can take an ordinary thing, like the inside of your car, and make it a little bit different. Good compositions!

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