Rollins College

Eric Short

Catherine and Katie


Eric Short
ART 450: Senior Seminar
Digital prints; 19″ x 22″
Final series total: 8-12 images

Series summary: Style is a choice. Every person embodies their own personal sense of style. Society requires us to clothe ourselves yet nothing but our own tastes dictates our fashion choices. Each subject within the series wears their own pieces as styled by themselves. I merely described the general aesthetic I was hoping to achieve. By allowing the individual to dress themselves under very little direction, the subject unknowingly colors their personal palette creating some hidden layer of narrative.

18 thoughts on “Eric Short”

  1. I really like the idea behind this series. Each photo seems to have a separate personality to each of them and the clothing definitely has a huge part in establishing that personality.

  2. I agree that fashion and clothing is a way of expressing one’s personality and mood. I think that your pictures excellently do the same thing. There is so much expression and mood in the format of the pictures themselves – the lighting, the camera angle, and the setting of the photos. Each photograph has its own personality, just as the subjects within the photos do. They are simple, elegant, and have attitude.

  3. I think the third one in this series is the most successful. The outfit adds a lot of narrative to the scene and the vantage point/ silhouette are really cool. The first two seem too posed and are not quite as interesting to look at. Still really well done but there could be more to the story you’re telling through the pictures.

  4. I really like your concept behind your photographs; it’s really interesting. I noticed your models all either have their backs towards the camera, or you cannot see their face (as in the darkly lit photo), I was wondering if this served some sort of purpose or stylistic choice? I think all 3 of the photographs are very well done, both technically and conceptually. I especially enjoy the photograph with the woman wearing the cape (or at least it looks like a cape, the image is rather small, so it’s hard to tell); I really like the way the fabric moves in the wind, and the way the light bounces off it. I think the photograph of “Sydney” could be color balanced a little better in the back ground, and the blur in that particular photo works for the image but not for the collective, as the other two are in crisp focus (breaks the cohesiveness of the compilation of images). I like your compositional choices as well, but would be interesting to see you try other positioning of the models for the sake of experimentation. Good job, and keep it up!

  5. You capture really interesting moments in your photos. i think that they help tell a little about the person along with the fashion.

  6. The first two images, though well aligned with your series, don’t seem as well thought or unique as the third image- the models standing with their backs to us facing a landscape seems a little tired. The third photograph, however, I think is really successful- the lighting, blur, wine, and jacket texture all lend themselves to a unique ambience I think you captured very well.

  7. The two images on the top work well with your concept, but in the bottom image I don’t really get a sense of her style because of the lighting. The first two images are great, though, because you can clearly see the subject’s style going along with the environment that they are in.

  8. The image of the smoking girl is amazing. The lighting, composition and angle are all just right. I love how dark she is in comparison to the background, the contrast really adds to the image.

  9. I agree with the fact that the third picture goes best with your description of the concept. She is more in her element and there is more said about her than what I think the other girls show in their photographs. The top images seem more posed and almost impersonal. They are much farther from the viewer and have little character within the photo.

  10. I really enjoy that these images don’t include the subjects face, they have a mysterious feel to them. The more successful one(I feel) is the bottom silhouette image. You can get this whole story unfolding, with the dark silhouette figure, smoking, drinking a glass of wine and the fur coat. It makes for a very interesting narrative.

  11. All of these images have a unique personality to them. It makes me want to hear more about the people in the images, they all hold a mystic quality to them. Very cool. The lighting on the “Sydney” image is very well balanced.

  12. The third image is the best compositionally although the fashion does not seem to be the focus. I think the lighting in this photograph is very well done. The fist two photo’s go along with the concept more than the third does. However, I do not think they are as compositionally successful as the third.

  13. I think the second image is very strong. The composition and lighting is amazing, I like how she is dark and somewhat out of focus yet you can still see some detail in her clothing. Another thing I enjoy about the image is her body motion and the fact she is blowing out smoke, I think it really adds to her personality and the personality of her style.

  14. I like the idea behind your work. I also like how you had them choose their own clothing and put them in an environment that fits their style for the most part. I don’t think the top left one fits in the category as well as the other two. I also like that the body language fits in with the environment.

  15. I like the lighting in your third image. It’s very dramatic. The top two images are slightly less interesting maybe because the subjects are farther away and the viewers do not have enough details.

  16. I love the concept and placement of your subjects of the first one, the color and focus is great. The second one is very interesting as well, I just think your subject is a little out of focus.

  17. I think your concept behind these photos is really interesting. Every person and their style is unique and I like how you captured this. The bottom photo really stands out to me because I like how you can still understand this person’s style even thought they are in silhouette. I also really like the the dramatic lighting.

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