33 thoughts on “Frances Killea”

  1. I would love to see the other two photos in this series-this photo really caught my eye! The energy that this piece has not only with the dancing figures but with the colorful rainbow pattern in the front really catches the excitment of this photograph.

  2. This is a really interesting photo. It’s different because I think of a photo as capturing a moment but this shows a lot of time and motion which is really cool. The blurring gives you a lot to look at and think about so we see this whole complex scene with a lot of movement in the composition.

  3. I really like that the one thing you focus on is the leg and foot. It’s such an odd focal point, but it works.

  4. I really enjoy the sense of movement in this photo. I like how I can see glimpses of all of dancers movements, but that they are all out of focus and blurred together. This really adds a lot of energy to the photo. I think that the photo is made really interesting by having just one leg in focus. To a single leg not attached to any body, just standing still adds a little element of surprise to the scene.

  5. Nice use of motion in your image; I almost would like to see a little less blur and a little more of the people, but as a whole, the image still really works well! I enjoy all the little details in your photograph, such as the row of blue colored chairs and the various shoes of the people in the picture. I think a different angle might have worked better for this photograph however; maybe one that did not include the stairs and what I believe is a cooler in the back left of the image. Normally I don’t prefer overpowering white areas from backlit windows, but it does well in your photograph, because it really adds a sense of time going by somehow. Overall, nice image. I would also love to see the other photographs in the series, and hear about your concept behind your images.

  6. I love the feeling of sitting in the dance studio and feeling the essence of the dancers twirling. You really captured the movement in this picture. It adds interest to how some of the dancers are a blur and others like silhouette but all the shoes are almost in focus besides the standing leg in the center of the picture. What is so interesting to me is the rainbow flag effect. Where did that come from or how did that happen?

  7. I couldn’t help but notice that there were some people who would like to see another photo to go with this one. I was wondering if maybe this image in black and white to give it a more eerie feeling might be a nice complement to the up beat feeling that this one gives. The same image but an extremely different feel from the original. Maybe you could continue the series about mood.

  8. This photo is intriguing. The disembodied leg is disturbing, but in a good way. The motion that the dancers create really emphasizes the still leg well. I feel like you could crop off the half foot on the left side of the photo though, which I feel would strengthen the composition more by removing a distracting element.

  9. The movement that was captured in this photo is really good. I enjoyed that you focused only the feet to capture the circular movement. Maybe if this photo was in black and white that element would be enhanced. Would really love to see more from this series.

  10. I like the blurred motion in this picture. It shows the motion of the dancers well. I also like the color of this photo. I’m not quite sure what the rainbow color in the center is. I feel like its part of the persons dress and is blurred from movement.

  11. The image has a very good energy about it because of the bright lighting and the motion blur. Although the leg that is directly in the center of the image is a little distracting because it’s the only thing in focus and it’s centered. I think that it would be a better image if the leg was not in the center of the image or if it was blurred like the rest of the dancers.

  12. I like how everyones identity is pretty much unknown except for their movement and shoes. It’s interesting how you have the person with the most color and interesting..leg as the center subject. The mood and story was created well in this photo.

  13. Very cool. I myself have been making long exposure shots. I technically want to know how you froze the foot in the image. Personally I wouldn’t change a thing. I do kind of wish the chairs where not there, but they not to distracting.

  14. I really like the way that you were able to capture movement. The colors from the clothing that you can see in the moving forms is right on.

  15. This is really striking. I enjoy the motion blur, it really portrays a feeling of energy. It also as a vintage feel to it. Seeing that the only things in focus are the chairs and a foot with a shoe that could be worn between 1940-present times. So the era is up to the viewer to decide and I really like that. The colors help emit a older style of photography also. Good work.

  16. I think this composition is working really well. Not only does it have a solid focal point it shows time and motion. I love the bright quality and the energy this captures. I would love to see the rest of the series. It has a very solid feeling of movement and allows me to picture myself being in the dance studio. I would be curious to see if making the solid leg opaque added or subtracted from the quality of the image. It might make it less static looking.

  17. This photo is very eye-catching. The colors and blurred images give movement to this photo. This people and actions in this image are very transitory. It gives me the feeling that the viewers are seeing a large amount of time pass.

  18. I love this image. I think that the use of long exposure and the way the light forms a rainbow really adds to the feeling of carefree children at play. I also enjoy the fact that all the feet are more in focus than the bodies are it helps show that all the people are running around.

  19. Very well done! The use of stilling this movement, manipulation of camera features, you did beautifully. The only thing I think could be improved is that it could be a little darker and contrasted. Great image!

  20. the color and feeling of movement in this photo is very dynamic. the blur of the girls dancing and yet the still of one girls leg is an interesting and beautiful capture. the rainbow in the middle is also very beautiful.

  21. This photo is really interesting. The angle and motion is great because it does not give any identities but the idea of childhood and being young. The color is also great and really fits with the whole theme.

  22. I like this picture because of all the blurriness that it causes. The only way you know which way they are turning is by that one foot that is in focus. I like all the colors this picture composes with the kids. One color looks like the rainbow instead of a solid color. The motion is just wonderful.

  23. I love the movement, the colors, and the ghost-like appearance that is created in this photo. It reminds me of when I used to dance when I was a child. I do not think the photo would have as much of an effect without this drastic blur and splash of color. It looks dream-like. I also like how it is focused on the lower half of the body rather than the full body.

  24. Wow, this is really amazing. The color and movement draw you in and make you feel like you are moving along with them. There is just enough static information to understand what’s happening–too much and it would lose its movement and too little it would be completely abstract. Nice work!

  25. This is a really interesting and beautiful photo. A lot of things are going on here. The first thing that makes me feel is an LGBT theme because of the rainbow colour you have in your photo. This interpretation might not from your intention but it might give you some other ideas to work on as well.

  26. This photo is lovely! Everything about it is playful, fun, and magical in a way. The leg being the only thing in focus doesn’t make the photo feel incomplete, but rather whole.

  27. I love the color in this image and it adds to the motion of the picture. There’s also just enough information that I feel like I know what’s going on, but there is still room to ask questions of the space of the image. I love that some of the people are silhouetted and some are not. Very nicely done.

  28. This photo is really fun to look at. The motion adds to the intrigue and the color adds to the blurring effect. I am really impressed by this photo and its just a really cool photo.

  29. I have been thinking a lot about motion for my latest class project and I like how you were able to capture so much color and motion in your photo. While I am working with black and white photography your idea of capturing people dancing/spinning in a circle really inspired me. I think that you are able to use color in a really powerful way to enhance your image which is also something I liked. It doesn’t overpower or confuse what’s in the image, it just adds to the motion.

  30. This exposure of this photo is so long, and the rainbow effect makes it so interesting to look at. I’m curious how the one shoe looks so clear and the rest of the photo is so blurry.

  31. I love the color on this photo, it gives it a very timeless feel and adds a lot. I like the motion blur that gives an illusion that something bad may have happened. The bright colors of the outfits that have blurred away in comparison to the dark colors in the back complement each other nicely.

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