Beloit College

Randi Rosing-Schow

ART117: Introduction to Digital Photography
Digital Print
8.5″ x 11″
2 out of 4 in a series

These two photos were for a project called “The Cutting Edge”, which focused on close-up shots. For these photos I especially focused on light and shadows as well as design elements such as diagonal and horizontal lines.

Western Michigan University

Koran Fuller

Art 3480: Photography II
Digital Prints
13″ X 13″
2 of 10 in an Ongoing Series

These two images are part of a class book project. The series is called “The Journey: One Elephant’s Search for Significance.” The elephant is on a search for meaning in his life, and through his search goes through a series of experiences that promote self awareness. Ultimately, finds his significance in a place he never thought to look.