15 thoughts on “Sarah Elbing”

  1. I also think the depth of field is really nice in both photos, however, I think I’m drawn to the second one more. I like the repetition of the chairs and how it creates a pattern. In the first image, I wish there was just a little less blurryness, like on the left side.

  2. I like how these have an old feel to them. With the grain of the film and the fact that it’s black and white it makes me think that these could be from any time. I like the compositions of both photos and I think that the depth of field works well in both.

  3. I like the depth of field in the bottom photo. I also like the shallow depth of field in the top also, however I wish that more than just the top portion of that first chair was in focus.

  4. The repetition in both the seats and numbers is very enjoyable. The perspective that this was shot at makes me feel like I’m in a very large space.

  5. I love the use of depth of field in the top image. I feel like the bottom image is a little predictable but it is very well composed so the predictably no long bothers me. Both great images.

  6. I appreciate the use of depth of field in the bottom photo, as well as your cleverly chosen composition. In the lower picture i really like how there is no negative space. This along with those repeating numbers trailing off into the distance really gives it a crowded feeling. Although i do like the composition and idea of the top image the subject of focus is unclear. Despite this i do still like it blurry. whether Intentional or unintentional i feel that had the top photo been focosed on the first chair it would have displayed depth of field really well.

  7. Both of the photos are very well done. Depth of field and contrast are very good. The first image could have been focused higher on the chairs to get the lip.

  8. I like the timeless quality of these photos. I assume the blurred focus was intentional on the top photograph but I’m not sure that it is working. I think it would be interesting to see with a sharper focus. I think it was a very good idea to do these in black and white. It gives the composition a very classic feel.

  9. You’ve used both repetition and depth of field very effectively in both of these photos but they have too much mid-tone in them for me. I would love to see you step up the contrast a notch and get some deep blacks in the background and some pure whites.

  10. I really like the idea behind these two images. Although i think the second one is stronger than the first one. In the first image I get a little confused at the focal point of the image the depth of field is good but personaly I think the focus should be in a different area.

  11. I like your photographs because of your intentional use of depth of field. I think the bottom one is more successful because the chairs right in front are in focus and then they slowly go out of focus. I think in the top image, the closest chair needs to be in focus. But overall I like what you’re doing and the angles.

  12. I like the deepth of field on both of these images, it makes me feel apart of the game, especially on the second one. Both are way too gray valued though, that needs to be reworked.

  13. wow! these come out beautiful! i like it that even though there are lots of chairs but it doesnt gave a sense of busyness. The depth of field works great too!

  14. Your depth of field in the first image is great and works well with the composition. I am drawn to the second photo because when I look at it, it seems like the chairs will never end. I like that sense of infinity,

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