5 thoughts on “Alex Cantalini”

  1. this is a great diptych with the cat curling and looking down while the girl is looking up. the color combinations are similar, and yet the content is so different in both photos. i also think you did had an effective use of cropping in the cat image, bringing us closer into the intimacy of its position.

  2. It’s interesting the way your photos both have the same color palette. Are the photos meant to work together or separately? The focus is a little soft in both, which I don’t really mind in conjunction with the warm color, and the subjects seem to be looking at or near one another.

  3. First of all, very cute portraits. The colors and lighting in both are subtle but pretty, and the distortion of the face created in the second picture is dynamic and interesting. It seems as though the two are looking at each other, which creates a visual narrative that lets the viewer explore a possible relationship between the two subjects.

  4. I would not have thought that the cat and the person were looking at each other, but after looking at the images closer it does seem that they are. The colors in the images are similar along with the lighting, and the cropping of both of the images are well done.

  5. I like how you have put these two photographs into the positions they are in. To me it seems that the cat belongs to the girl and they are connected by the bond they have of pet/pet owner. The pictures give off a sense of playfulness in my opinion.

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