Western Michigan University

Koran Fuller

Art 3480: Photography II
Digital Prints
13″ X 13″
2 of 10 in an Ongoing Series

These two images are part of a class book project. The series is called “The Journey: One Elephant’s Search for Significance.” The elephant is on a search for meaning in his life, and through his search goes through a series of experiences that promote self awareness. Ultimately, finds his significance in a place he never thought to look.

3 thoughts on “Koran Fuller”

  1. These look amazing! I really like how much more detail is in the images compared to previous ones that i have seen. You can definitely tell you put a lot more time and effort into them, and I think it really payed off. I also like how you can tell what the images are trying to say and the story being portrayed with out having to read anything. Great composition, everything looks very neat and clean.

  2. These are very endearing pictures. I like that they are part of a story, and the borders around each print reads as a page out of a story book. The images are interesting and beautiful to look at, and I would like to see the rest of the series. The statement makes me want to know what happens to the elephant!

  3. I think the sense of narrative comes through right away, even when the images stand alone, because the actions and settings you have created around this character are so vivid. Also, the use of color, texture and framing highlight that story book feeling.

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