Beloit College

Randi Rosing-Schow

ART117: Introduction to Digital Photography
Digital Print
8.5″ x 11″
2 out of 4 in a series

These two photos were for a project called “The Cutting Edge”, which focused on close-up shots. For these photos I especially focused on light and shadows as well as design elements such as diagonal and horizontal lines.

28 thoughts on “Randi Rosing-Schow”

  1. These images are color balanced very well. I like the bottom one more, mostly because I love how glass and natural light work so well together. I also like how abstracted the top one is. You can’t really tell what it is, but I think the graphic shapes make for an interesting image.

  2. In the first image, I don’t really know what it is, but it is interesting because of the form and colors. It makes me want to think about what the photo is of, which is good.

  3. I really enjoy the colors in both of the images, in the second one I like how the bottom of the glass looks very teal i think it adds a lot of interest to the picture. Also with the second one the sort of abnormal colors pulled me in and trying to figure out what the image was made it a lot more interesting as well.

  4. I think you succeeded in finding the light and shadow in these close-up shots. The light helps emphasize the texture of these objects. The only thing I might do to improve upon these is make them more consistent, if your aim is the same for both images. Because one image you can tell what it is and the other you can’t. I think the bottom image might have to be even more close-up than it is. But overall these are really nice images.

  5. The use of shadow and reflective light are very strong in you photos. I like how much detail is in the fork in the first image.

  6. I very much appreciate your capture of the shadow and light in these pictures. You accomplished this very well in both of your pictures. The top picture may be a little soft in focus, which is hard to master with upclose shots. The compostion and color balance works very well in both pictures.

  7. If i’m correct, the top one is a fork, but i’m more drawn to the bottom one- maybe because the shadow of the glass on wood just more natural and organic than metal and wood. Also in the second one, I love the black background and the fact that the words on the jar are in the shadow. Great lighting.

  8. the light works really well in the second shot. you did a great job capturing the details of the wood and the shadows!

  9. The light, shadow and color are all very strong components in these images. The blue in the mason jar is mesmerizing and very powerful. The textures of the woods also impact the pictures in a very positive way.

  10. I really love your handling of light and shadow so up close in these photos; in the first photo especially there is a great play between seeing the image as a geometric composition before recognizing the object. The colors and textures here are great.

  11. the shadows and reflections of both photos are beautiful in color and shape. both photos have the perfect combination of recognizable imagery as well as abstraction. i hope you would take more shots like these rather than just close ups. you have a true talent for seeing light and color.

  12. I think these photos are incredibly successful and beautiful. The light portrayed and the shadows in the prints are have become the main focal point, and the image is broken up so well between the two that it creates a well balanced composition. There isn’t much interference in the viewer reading anything but the light and shadows, which is what makes these photos so successful; they aren’t left wondering if these are still life pictures of a jar and a fork.

  13. I think the lighting in both of these photos is amazing and vey dramatic. I also like the rustic colors shown in the Photo of the fork, it is really beautiful. I love the picture of the bottle. Taking still life photos can look very boring and staged but the perspective that the photo was taken in and the lighting and shadows really captured your eye.

  14. I think the use of the horizontal and diagonal lines is well done and there’s a rich tonal quality to the colors without them being super saturated which I find interesting. I also agree that I like how the first 2 images mimic each other. I think on its own, I like the 2nd one the best, because of those rich colors.

  15. Nice lighting and cropping with these ones. You had a eye for the mysterious and cool qualities in the little things of life. The close ups and the colors are really nice in these. Keep shooting my friend!

  16. I find the second one very intriguing. The light shinging through it and the shadow casted from it makes this photo look very strong and beautiful. I think it is perfect the way it is.

  17. I love the use of lines and shadows that are used on the first photo of the fork and how you have to look at it for a few seconds before you realize what the object actually is. The second photo is what really captured my attention. The light coming through the glass jar is a really cool element.

  18. The close up compositions are really interesting, and make do for a good study of form and line, light and shadows. Not only do I see those components, other engaging aspects of these images are the texture and color found at such a close distance. The composition of these are dynamic and use the rule of thirds well making for more pleasing images. Very well done, I would like to see more!

  19. I think you did an awesome job with balancing the color, I love the contrasts in both of the images. The first one it’s hard to tell what you’re looking at but that’s what makes it interesting.

  20. Both of these images make everyday objects much more interesting and beautiful with the way the photograph is composed and the way they are lit. The shadows make the photograph more interesting than the actual objects.

  21. The text from jar leaves an amazing shadow. The combination of the grain of the wood along with the shadow of the jar make this image. Im not sure if its possible with the lighting you have but if the text on the jar was illuminated to where you could read it, like the M and the A, might help with a strong focal point.

  22. These images give a different view of objects. The shadows create a new identity to these objects. It makes the objects look mysterious and adds a different shape to them.

  23. I think you were very successful in this series of photos. Both of them have beautiful and dramatic light as well as clean lines that create movement and fill the space of the photo very nicely.

  24. I think the close up of the fork is very intriguing. The shadow the fork creates under itself provides a different perspective. I enjoy the colors in the picture of the glass and the shadow that it casts helps the movement of the image.

  25. I love how well you captured the texture of these objects in these photos.The vibrancy and lighting in these photos is nicely done as well. I also liked the way you used lighting in these photos as well.

  26. I really enjoy how these images are so close to the subject matter that it takes a while for your brain to process what the subject is. After this you start to notice the beauty in the shadows and lighting that bring out the design elements in a very unique way. I think that this was really well done.

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