U of Wisconsin, Madison

Nick Zukauskas

Art 376: Photography I
Silver Gelatin Prints
8″ x 10″
2 of 20

My project focuses on capturing Americana. This series was shot across the Midwest from Colorado to Wisconsin and is an attempt to not only document but capture a hidden beauty that exists in small town America, where function dominates form.

U of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Carissa Probst

Carissa Probst
Art 451: Special Topics
Digital Prints
Series of 3

This project was called “The Unreliable Narrator” in which we were told to use appropriated imagery. The appropriated imagery I decided to use was Barbara Krugers text in her images. To go along with the text I used to the eggs to signify femininity, and the damage done by untold circumstances.

U of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Alyssa Utecht

Alyssa Utecht
ART 350: Color Photography
Digital Print; 8″ x 10″
One Image from a series (8 images total)

Statement- This Image is from a series I did, were I took photographs of young children dressed in 1920s clothing. Through my images I wanted to show the gender roles that were strong in the 20s. This image shows a boy at the kitchen table reading the newspaper and drinking his coffee, while his wife makes him breakfast and gets his things ready for his day. (better shown in the series) I used children in my images to show how strongly gender roles were enforced form a very young age, and how much the times have changed with how things work today.