7 thoughts on “Grant Henricksen”

  1. You have an interesting concept going on here. I think that it would be more effective if you used a tighter shot or different composition.

  2. In terms of common color I think you accomplished your goal very well. The posts in the orange fence divide the composition and frame the subject in an interesting manner, too. Beyond the color it would be interesting to see something more conceptual happening but overall I think this is a nice print.

  3. I think the concept you have here is amazing. The mimicry of color pulles me into the print and draws an odd parallel between inanimate objects and the human subject. I agree with Jennifer though, I think a tighter shot would help the viewer focus more. Also, I think that it would be interesting to explore other environments with this same concept, not just street shots.

  4. i really like the idea behind this image. I think that this works well because the yellow in the hydrant and the scarf are both lie vertically.

  5. I really like how the fire hydrant and the scarf draws the viewer’s eye from side of the photograph to the other. They really create a sense of the balance. The composition has a simple feeling, but the color makes it more intense and active.

  6. The common color really grabs me. The flat colors of the rest of the image help, as well as the mundane and geometric lines contrasted with the circularity of the hydrant and the swooping, flowing line of the scarf.

  7. I really like the idea of comparing subjects to what is behind them. Sometimes the world around us can be quite dreary, so I love to pop of color with the yellow. I think I might have tried to enhance her colors even more for a bigger effect.

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