11 thoughts on “Kate Parsons”

  1. I really like the second shot, its got some nice clarity and composition. I would like to see a few more shots based on this subject in this environment.

  2. I really like the way you captured the flowing coat on the man on the left in the first photo. On the second photo I like the way the light post (maybe) on the right throws the perspective off a bit. The more I look at it it almost looks like it could be a split in the buildings.

  3. I love the top image! The composition is well done and i love the movement of the man’s jacket.

  4. I love the composition of these photos. Like everyone was saying, the movement in the top picture is fabulous, and the picture as a whole is framed very well. I love that these photos are black and white- it conveys a real sense of mystery. I also like the second photo because of the way it is framed. The tones in both pictures are very rich as well.

  5. I love how the lines and shapes work together in your photographs. I enjoyed the wind blow in the first one and create strange shape for the still photographs that is also added up for the space and composition. I especially love how lines and shapes work together in the 2nd photographs.I can see that you are truly aware of the composition.

  6. I really like the use of black and white and how the lady in the top photo looks. Its like the past is meeting the present

  7. The top image has a great sense of flow and movement within the character on the left. The man on the left brings the whole image together and creates an interesting story. My eye travels from the left part of the coat, up to the man’s head and then to the woman next to him that he is staring at. The possibilities as to the narrative(s) for this image are very interesting to me.

  8. Street photography is a very interesting way of showing everyday life and the little things that happens which may be taken for granted most of the time. You did a great job in this black and white photography piece by capturing the moment and the spontaneity of the action. Beautiful contrast, as well as contrast and very sharp highlights.

  9. I like that your images are in black and white. The first photo is interesting because we can’t tell if you know these people, and if they know they are being photographed or not. It seems as though you are following them to learn who they are.

  10. The second photo is my favorite. Whoever is in front of the building really is in limbo and I think the beam that is in front of him helps make this more clear. The first photo has nice tones and gives warm energy.

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