5 thoughts on “Alyssa George”

  1. I love the everything about the first print. You have wonderful composition, light, shadow and subject. A sense of loneliness is captured within the first print, the light source is really powerful in capturing the silhouette of the human form. I like the second print as well. The light source on the face really helps to capture the dogs sleepiness. These two prints together I think well in capturing melancholy and would like to see more prints from this series.

  2. I really like how you have just details in both prints to give the subjects a context, yet there isn’t too much going on in the background.

  3. i really love the lighting in these two photos. I am especially drawn to the first photo. I like the way the lights look with the fog. It adds a really eerie quality to the photo, especially with the figure in silhouette.

  4. I think the first photograph is really successful in capturing a particular mood. There’s a wonderful sense of solitude in the photograph which I think is working very well. The use of light is really successful and I would be interested in seeing more photographs done in this vain.

  5. I like the contrast in your pictures. It is quite interesting!
    In the first picture, the dark just occupies background for itself but it also leaves some space for the light gleaming and flowing in a sense of dreaminess. The person there standing under the light suggests the loneliness and silence of a late night on the street. It is kind of mysterious because I don’t know what he is up to at that hour and how he looks like, how he is feeling. The mood is delivered impressively.

    In the second one, the dog is just relaxing. His eyes are about to shut to enjoy a good sleep. I feel like the flow of time just freeze in this one. The contrast is good, which allows the dog’s face along with his facial expression to be seen more clearly.

    Well done!

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