6 thoughts on “Chia Chang”

  1. I really enjoy both of these–the short depth of field and the colors really bring me into both pictures. I think the plant one is a bit more successfull than the second one, simply because it’s a little less busy and the colors just seem to pop more. Very good composition on both though!

  2. The color in both of these photos is very strong and is what draws me in to them. Your use of a short depth of field is successful in bringing the viewer’s attention to the juxtaposition between the two green “plants.” I enjoy the comparison very much and the composition is very interesting. I would love to see more from this series!

  3. I think I have to agree with Sarah. They are great pictures but the dollar flower seems to get lost with the bright pink and gold colors in the tea set. I think having real plants with flowers made out of different materials is a great idea.

  4. Excellent color in both photographs, it is very eye catching. I also agree with choosing the short depth of field, it really pulls the viewer in. However, I kind of wish the blue vase in the bottom photograph was not cropped so much at its base. I really appreciate the use of lighting in both, especially the top photograph; the way the sunlight was captured hitting the dishes in the background is simply beautiful.

  5. The colors, compositions, and depth of field in both photos are lovely. Also, the placement of the tea cup in the first photo plays along well with the delicateness of the paper flower.

    The two photos as a pair seem to me to make some sort of statement about the paying for decorative flowers. I don’t think it’s necessarily a positive or negative comment though – just that it is ironic in a sense that people, myself included, enjoy spending money on things that will be pretty for only a short amount of time.

  6. I really like how the plant is in focus, but the vase is not. It brings attention to the vibrant, living plant. I also enjoy how the flower is made of money and it is ironic because “money doesn’t grow on trees.”

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