6 thoughts on “Jennifer Anderson”

  1. These photos do a good job of conveying a certain mood with both the hands interacting and the added color which implies a sort of movement in the photos as well.

  2. I think the motion of the hands is portrayed really well. I like how the bracelet is the same color as the rest of the image.

  3. I love the ghost images of the hands in motion. The bottom image is my favorite- i love how you can see the movement of the hand from down to together. Also the red ghostness is cool with the dark background and the arms, i think it really stands out.

  4. I agree, I think there’s a nice sense of movement in these photographs and the orange bracelet really adds something. I think the photographs are framed well and the use of light is working well.

  5. both of these photos successfully use flash and the ghost image to create a sense of movement, i can almost hear the hands clapping. the lighting is beautiful and the square composition frames both photos very nicely.

  6. I think both your works do a great job of conveying a certain tension or pressure being felt between the left and right hand. There is a sense of Compression, a notion of control, or even a lack of control being expressed through the spacing and form of the hands in relation with each other.

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