6 thoughts on “Yvonne Foy”

  1. I’m immediately drawn to the first photo of the girl swinging because different lines and angles created by the playground and her limbs. Compositionally she occupies a nice space that was made by the jungle gym and the light hitting her face is very pretty. I like how you play with the lines of the jungle gym again in the second image, however I think it could have been stronger if the middle pole was moved more to the right.

  2. I really enjoy the composition of the second photo–all of the lines and diagonals really allow your eye to float around the picture. not sure if the first one is compositionally as interesting, but it does display a kind of feeling of childhood and the fun that comes with it.

  3. I really love the second photo. The composition is really dynamic. the fence adds a really great sense of the movement to the image. the center pole really does a good job a weighting the whole image and making it balanced.

  4. I think these could be more interesting if you experiment with more of a variety of vantage points so the playground is almost made abstract and the compositions are more dynamic and interesting.

  5. I think that you use of line in these photos is great. the lines formed by the playground lead the eye straight to the kid in the photograph. I like how in the second one the bars of the playground become more abstract. I think it would help to have a more pure white in both of the photographs.

  6. I love that you put these two photos together and it creates a story. Framing in the 1st photo works great. The lines are very strong in these photographs!

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