16 thoughts on “Kristie Bedor”

  1. The ghost imaging is very well done. Because the background is in black and white and the girls are faded in color, it makes the images seem very dreamlike and as if they are from a memory.

  2. I really like the ghost effect in both of these images. The top one is my favorite because of the composition, the color, and the movement the is captured.

  3. I really enjoy the ghost images in both of your prints, but I really love the first one a little better. The black and white tones in the photograph are executed really well, which only makes the ghost image’s color really beautiful. I would have liked to see more black and white in the second print.

  4. I think most often ghost images of people come across as really creepy, because it is an alturation of specific form that is so recognizable to us. But they way you captured the children really doesn’t have that same feeling. Instead they are playful and timeless. Bravo!

  5. These pictures are very cool!! I love the ghost images and would love to know more about how you took them. The composition of the top one is very well done and i love the color image on the black and white background.

  6. I think the creepiness of these photographs is what makes them interesting, I think the ghost images of the children are in fact, very creepy. Vignetting the photos makes them appear as if they could be of another time which works very well with the ghost image.

  7. I really enjoy these images. The ghostlike quality of the children is what makes them. I’m particularly interested in the images when there is a sense of movement–so the merry go round is much stronger for me. I wonder if you’ve thought of doing anything with adults?

  8. I love the quality and the composition of both of these photos. The way that each photo has the burned out edges and then the way the children are implemented in the playground really allows the viewer to focus in on the idea of childhood and playfullness.

  9. These photographs are both visually interesting with a concept that the viewer can really read into, and I have nothing to complain about as far as the prints are concerned. Very well done! The ghost images of children playing are haunting, sad, and playful all at the same time.

  10. I have to agree with many prior posts that I prefer the first image. It has such a nice horizontal movement that at first gave me the sense that the girl was spinning on a merry-go-round, but I’m not positive that’s the case (which adds to my interest). I also really like the combination of the b&w photo with the child in soft, blurred colors.

  11. these are emotional images. I get the sense of loss, as if these are images of missing or dead children. The techniques used are very effective in creating a dark and mournful mood.

  12. These images speak to me about bittersweet memory. The use of color seems to make the faded image more vital than the black and white – the memory more substantive than the present reality.

  13. These images evoke memories on top of decrepit spaces. I enjoy how this is done through color choices. It was really clever to keep the images of the children in color while the spaces are sepia. Also the blurred movement in each ‘memory’ makes the subjects really stand out. I would really like to see a little bit more vibrancy in the colors of the subjects though.

  14. These images came off a little spooky to me when i first saw them because it seems like there are ghosts on this playground. However I like the different style and creativity of them

  15. The ghost imaging on your photographs is very successful. I think it definitely evokes the feeling of childhood memory, and the movement adds to the nostalgic feeling.

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