15 thoughts on “Amanda Ruper”

  1. I like how the bottom photo looks like it was taken under a microscope, and I like the abstract quality composition of the picture. The top one is a little less interesting b/c it is in the center, but the texture and detail are really nice, and I definitely get science book from it. It would be cool to see the information about the crystals with the pictures.

  2. I agree with Nikki’s comment, i think it would be very interesting to see the true and false information about the crystals! The bottom picture is very intriguing- i love how the crystals are illuminated differently which i think really draws the eye around the image.

  3. I think this is a really interesting series. I particularly enjoy how dimensional the first photograph is with all of its texture and shine. Light is used particularly well in the first photograph. I do agree it could be more interesting with a less centralized composition.

  4. I really like the abstraction that can be seen more so in the second photogaph. The first one is quite different, although I do like the simplicity of it. The second one interests me more, mainly because it makes me think of a microscopic image, which forces my mind to think of what the actual image is being magnified.

  5. Both of these photos have a scientific quality that would make them look like they belonged in a book. The pictures are beautiful and I especially like the top one; it isn’t framed at all and has no background to compete with the metallic quality of the element. It is lit very well. I would be interested in leafing through this book to see what else is pictured.

  6. I agree that the first image could be more interesting if made abstract, and that definitely both would be enhanced by the addition of the information from the “fake” book. What a cool idea!

  7. I love your first picture. It is amazing how many details you were able to capture of the shining rock. Although it is unusual to leave a totally white background, I think it really worked in your case. The empty space makes the rock really stands out. The difference between your two pictures is also interesting. The first picture seems to show a strong individualism, and the second shows the power of combination of a group.

  8. Cool subject matter. The way you photographed the top rock with so much attention to detail and richness, it reminds me of a studio model portrait. It make it seem monumental.

  9. The lighting and the texture of the first piece is incredibly strong. The shadow at the bottom helps to give the piece depth. However the second picture is lacking in composition. A head on shot might not be the best way to capture the shapes and texture of crystal.

  10. I really like how the two images, compositionally, are so different and yet they still belong together. I would say both images had similar strength, for different reasons. The first word that popped into my head upon seeing these images was ‘cool,’ but now I’ve changed my mind and think ‘elegant.’

  11. As an engineer, this topic is very interesting to me. This fake information is very believable, especially the top one because it definitely looks like a picture that would be included in a materials science textbook. The top image is very clean, while the bottom one has the roughness of a real microscope.

  12. Amanda,
    I loved the first picture and how every single detail of the crystal and its sparkle has been captured. It looks valuable and real.
    The second picture makes me feel as if I am viewing a microscopic world.

  13. Your focus on texture in these photos is really cool, I like how the first image of the rock is very apparent as to what is being photographed but still captures the unique pattern the rock creates. The second image is a little more mysterious as to what it is, but I like its cube-like pattern and how they are arranged in a way that gives the object a one of a kind design.

  14. This is such a cool series. The bottom photo looks like it’s through a microscope, and I love the difference of the two photos but how they go together so well. Both are very aesthetically pleasing. Great job!

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